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The monthly President’s Message

November 2015: President Message

It has often been said that a picture is worth a thousand words. Well, the picture on this page tells of the culmination of 43 and a half years of determination and dedication by the people who fought for Patrolman Phil Cardillo’s rightful recognition and due respect.
101915_dedication_emk 008.JPG
In 1972 Patrolman Cardillo was ambushed and assassinated in the 116th St. Harlem Mosque. Thanks to the determination of many, Phil was finally honored on Monday, October 19th. I had the privilege to attend the street naming ceremony at the NYPD academy on 28th Ave. Flushing Queens. Isn’t it ironic that the street in front of the academy is 28th Avenue, as Phil was a member of the 28th Pct. when he met his demise. As frustrating as this procedure was I believe the untiring efforts were very much appreciated by Phil’s on, Todd, and the entire Cardillo family. Thanks to to all who worked so long and so hard.

Ptl. Phillip Cardillo Street Renaming Ceremony

President’s Message – April 2015

As I start my message it’s 2 weeks before our next general meeting. The calendar says it is spring but no one told this to Mother Nature. Hopefully, this will change by our April 23 meeting date.

Enough about the weather! Let’s review some of The Shields upcoming scheduled activities for your enjoyment and participation. What may possibly be the last Ptl. Phil Cardillo motorcycle ride is scheduled for Sunday April 19th. If and when they honor Phil the run will cease.

On Saturday May 23rd we will once again pay tribute to the men and women who served our country, by placing flags on their graves at Long Island National Cemetery in Farmingdale. I hope we see you there.

Thursday to Saturday, May 28th-30th, we will be doing crowd control and security for the Nassau County Empire State Games for the Physically Challenged at the Mitchel Field complex in Uniondale. The smiles on the kids’ faces make this effort well worthwhile.

Lastly, Luke Johnson is busy working on the final arrangements for another picnic and LI Ducks baseball game at Bethpage Ballpark in Central Islip on Tuesday July 21st. Details in this edition of the Call Box.

I have recently been made aware of a NYS Thruway EZ pass “phishing” scam. People receive bogus emails allegedly from EZ pass claiming unpaid bills and containing a link to pay this bill. Any Questions, call EZ pass for clarification at 1-800-833-8655.

Hopefully we will see you at the Coral House on April 23rd. As always feel free to bring a potential new member. BE SAFE! Wear your vest.

President’s Message: February 2015

Welcome to 2015, let’s hope it is better than the end of 2014.

In December the unprovoked, cowardly, vicious ASSASINATIONS of Police Officers Wenjian Liu and Rafael Ramos shocked the police community, as well as the country. Let us always remember their sacrifice and keep these two fine officers and all police officers in our prayers.

On a much more positive note let us thank both Noele and Mike Villa for the wonderful Children’s Christmas Party at The Coral House in Baldwin. The party was well attended and the parents as well as the children had a great time. Thanks go to Bob Forrester for bringing Santa to entertain the kids. Also, our thanks go to Dave Fischer for providing many fun gifts.

Our December meeting was well attended and a great success thanks to our guest speaker Mary Murphy, PIX-11 reporter. Mary spoke of the fight to properly recognize the sacrifice of Ptl. Phil Cardillo. Mary has promised to follow the process until a decision is reached.

I have recently been made aware that what may possibly be the last memorial motorcycle ride to honor to Ptl. Phil Cardillo will be held on Sunday, April 19th.

Hopefully, a street will be named in his honor at the new NYPD academy.

I hope to see you at the February 19 meeting. Bring a potential new member.


President’s Message: December 2014

Welcome to December, the days are getting shorter and colder. It seems that another year is getting ready to pass us by.

I would personally like to congratulate my friend Joe McGarry on his election as Executive Vice President of the NYS FOP. Joe is a good man who is always there to help any police officer or family who needs help.

NYS FOP President Charlie Caputo has chosen to step down after 8 years to spend more time with his family. We want to commend Charlie for a job well done and offer his successor, Mike Essig, “Good Luck”.

Mary Murphy, PIX-11 reporter will be our special guest speaker at our December 4th meeting. Mary was the reporter who pointedly asked Mayor de Blasio when and how the city would recognize Patrolman Phil Cardillo for his sacrifice. Is it possible that Ms. Murphy’s courageous question initiated the decision to finally honor Patrolman Phil Cardillo ? Try to make the meeting so we can show Mary Murphy our appreciation.

Hopefully we will see you on the 4th. If not have a safe and happy holiday season. We’ll see you next year.

Please remember to bring a toy for a child.

Rich Petito

President’s Message – November 2014

On Wednesday October 1st, I was both privileged and proud to be invited to the dedication of the new Nassau Police Memorial. Due to the construction of this new impressive monument the ceremony was delayed from May until October 1st.

On Wednesday October 8th, I was invited by ARPO to a ceremony honoring Randy Jurgensen (Ret. Det. NYPD) for his persistent work in keeping the name of slain PTL. Phil Cardillo alive until Phil is properly recognized by the city of New York.

Don’t forget that Thursday, November 4th is Election Day. Please be sure to exercise your right to vote and support those candidates who are sympathetic to the police mission.

Now that the fall season is officially upon us our thoughts turn to our annual Children’s Holiday Party, which this year is will take place on December 7th at a new venue (The Coral House) in Baldwin. Details are in this edition of the Call Box on page 7. Mike and Noelle have once again promised a good time to all who attend. Gift baskets for this year’s raffle are always welcome. Success of this affair is dependent on your support.

Remember the meeting on November 6th is the start of our annual toy drive for children that are less fortunate. Please bring an unwrapped toy to our meeting.

Tuesday November 11th is Veterans Day, if you see a veteran remember to say “THANK YOU”.

Hope we see you at the November 6th meeting. Happy Thanksgiving to all.

President’s Message – September 2014

Welcome Back! I hope that you and your family members had an enjoyable and safe summer.

I wish to thank Patti McDonald, the wife of Detective Steven McDonald for assisting us in getting Steven as our guest speaker at our June meeting. Steven’s talk was inspirational and held our guests attention. His strength and fortitude is so admirable, but the fact that he chose to forgive the individual who shot him is amazing. We would also like to thank Steven for giving us copies of the book “Why Forgive?” in which there is a chapter written about his shooting.

Speaking of books, Ret. LT. (NYPD) has published his 3rd a trilogy; A Letter to Ballyturan.

To our latest scholarship winners. Congratulations, keep in touch and let us know how your next step in the educational process is doing.

Please note the location of our September 18th at The Coral House in Baldwin. This change was made to accommodate members living in the city and western Nassau.

Let us know what you think. We hope you like it.

Hope we see you on Sept 18th
Richie Petito

President’s Message, June 2014

I will start this message by extending my sincere thanks to the 25+ Shields members and friends who volunteered their time and efforts assisting us decorating the veteran’s graves at Long Island National Cemetery. Unfortunately I can’t say the same when it came to the Nassau County Games for the Physically Challenged. I would like to thank John Mifsud and his co-workers from the FBI for their continued support on Fridays, and the officials of the Nassau ASA Umpires Association once again for their help on Saturday, also thanks to the 7 Shields members who assisted us at Mitchel Field. Needless to say, I was disappointed by the lack of Shields member’s participation.

Our next meeting on Thursday, June 19 will be special, as we recognize the recent Scholarship winners. Please come out and show them that you care; they are the future of this great country. Good job by Luke Johnson as Scholarship Chairman.

If we don’t see you please take care, and have a healthy and safe.

Remember to proudly fly our flag. God bless America!


President’s Message, January 2014

I sincerely hope that everyone has had a safe and enjoyable holiday season.

As I start to write this message, I’m looking out at the mounds of snow in my yard and I now realize why people head south for the winter. I’m sure their backs don’t ache from shoveling and/or pushing a snow blower. Enough of feeling sorry for myself, let’s review the past year’s accomplishments.

Once again Mike and Noele Villa did an excellent job running our 2013 Long Island Shields Children’s Holiday Party. The food was plentiful and good; the DJ and his assistants were caring and thoughtful; and a good time was had by all who attended. Mike would like to thank those who worked with him and Noele, and those who donated gift baskets for the raffle. Also, we don’t want to forget to thank Santa, our special guest, who thrilled all the children with his jovial and caring ways, and also, Bob Forrester who made sure he got there on time.

As reported in the last CALL BOX, Pete Cardalena has stepped down as the Shields attorney. I am glad to report that Pete Caso (Ret. Lt. NYPD) has graciously agreed to assume the position as our general counsel.

Let us also thank Dom Camaratta for the many and wonderful pictures he has provided for us. Dom has agreed to become our official Shield’s photographer.

Our speaker for the next meeting on February 27th will be Pete Nerney (Ret. Detective NYPD) who will talk about an interesting case that he has been working on as a private investigator.

Hopefully, when I write the next President’s message there won’t be 18 inches of snow on the ground and spring will be in the air. Be careful when shoveling the snow and don’t over exert yourselves. You mean a lot to us.

Hope we see you on the 27th and try to bring a friend.


President’s Message, December 2013

In response to the many inquiries that I have received, I must inform the membership that regrettably Pete Cardalena has chosen to step down as the Shields attorney. Words alone cannot describe my admiration and respect for Pete. He was always there whenever we needed him, offering his services and/or words of encouragement. I know Pete has also assisted families in their time of need and advised many of our members. My appreciation and gratitude go out to Pete. THANK YOU Pete, you and your many informative articles will be greatly missed.

Now that the November elections are over, I would like to extend Shields congratulations to our many friends who were either elected or re elected to office. We need all the friends we can get.

Thanks to Susan LaTorre, Director of Community Relations @ The Arbors Assisted Living Communities, for her informative talk regarding hidden Veterans, benefits offered and the benefits of living at The Arbors.

Don’t forget Sunday, December 15th Mike Villa will be running our Children’s Brunch with Santa at The Inn in New Hyde Park. Further details can be found in this edition of the Call Box on page 7. Mike will have raffle tickets available at our next meeting which will be Thursday December 12th at The Stuart Thomas Manor. Come out and share a table with old or new friends. Please remember to bring an unwrapped toy for a child.

This will be our last Call Box for 2013. On behalf of your Board of Officers, I would like to wish you a Merry Christmas and a safe and happy New Year.

See you next year!

Stay safe,

President’s Message, November 2013

I sincerely wish to start this message by thanking Joe Pistone (Donnie Brasco), former FBI Agent, for honoring us with his presence at our September meeting. Joe spoke for over an hour discussing the sacrifices one has to make before taking a deep undercover assignment. He also related some of the precarious situations he was placed in and some of the humorous aspects of his assignment. It was truly amazing because you could have heard a pin drop during Joe’s presentation. I also want to thank Randy Jurgensen (Ret Det. NYPD) for making us aware of the assistance Joe provided during the Phil Cardillo assassination investigation.

Mike Villa has scheduled our 2013 Shields Children’s Holiday Party for Sunday, December 15th at The Inn At New Hyde Park. Details are on page 7 of this newsletter. Mike is asking the membership to help make this affair a big success by donating gift cards for baskets to be raffled, or by donating a basket to be raffled. Raffle tickets will be available at the next meeting. We ask your support to help finance this special event. Our children and grand children always enjoy the party and Santa’s visit.

The next meeting will be the start of our annual Toys for needy Children campaign. Please remember to bring an unwrapped toy for a child.

Hope we see you at our November meeting, bring a potential member.

If you can’t make it, have a Happy Thanksgiving and be safe. to always wear your vest while on duty. Remember someone who can no longer be with us.