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Monthly Police accolades

Police Officer of the Month April 2015

This evening we are honored to present the Police Officer of the Month award to four members of the Suffolk County Police Department’s 1st Precinct.

On January 12th, 2015 at 0511 hrs an unknown subject entered Steve’s Hot Bagels and Bakery at 2142 Deer Park Ave, Deer Park. The subject, described as male white, in his 30’s, 5’8”, 180 pounds, goatee, black hair wearing beige pants and gray hooded sweatshirt held a black object in the direction of the woman behind the counter and threatened to kill her. He then attempted to get into the cash register and when he couldn’t he took the register, containing $500, and fled northbound on foot.

Officers responded to canvass the area to look for a pedestrian matching such description. While checking the area P.O. Aue and P.O. Fuentes in RMP 102A observed an Oldsmobile go through 2 stop signs east on Claremont Ave. Due to the proximity to the robbery the officers deduced that this could possibly be the suspect trying to flee the area. The officers attempted to stop the vehicle for the traffic infractions on Route 231. The operator of the vehicle refused to pull over and sped off at a high rate of speed at which time a lengthy pursuit commenced.

After some time the Officers lost the vehicle. Shortly after P.O. Wildeman and P.O. LoRusso in RMP 114A picked up the vehicle on 5th Ave and Michigan Ave in Brentwood and attempted to stop the car once again. The officers followed the vehicle until the operator crashed into a Jeep Grand Cherokee on Montauk Highway just west of Union Blvd in Great River. The subject, who matched the description of the robbery suspect who was believed to be armed with a gun, exited the vehicle and fled on foot. The subject was caught by the officers after a foot pursuit and was taken into custody P. O. Wildeman for numerous traffic infractions. Soon after a show up was conducted. At 0647 hrs a witness to the robbery positively identified the subject as the perpetrator.

Then at 0650 hrs the victim positively identified the subject as the perpetrator. The subject was then arrested and charged with Robbery in the first degree. The cash register and a rubber black object which the defendant is believed to have used to simulate a gun were located behind hedges at 25 Clinton Ave, Deer Park. The Officers being honored this evening are a great example of how the use of an officer’s intelligence, courage and skills can effectively combat violent crimes. These actions are the reason the Shields of Long Island are proud to honor as our Police Officers of the Month Police Officer Thomas Wildeman, Police Officer Nicola LoRusso, Police Officer Russell Aue (oww-e) and Police Officer David Fuentes.

Cop of the month award November 2014

On Monday June 16th, 2014 Chief Martin Thompson of the Head of the Harbor Police Department was returning from a vacation to Ireland. He was accompanied by his family , including his daughter Colleen Thompson, a Deputy Sheriff in the Suffolk County Sheriffs’ Office. With his brother at the wheel of their vehicle the conversation was about the trip.

As they reached the exit from the Southern State Parkway they merged onto the Sagtikos Parkway northbound when they saw a 1994 Buick veer off the road and crash into some trees. Chief Thompson told his brother to stop the car and dial 911. Without hesitation Chief Thompson exited his vehicle and ran to the vehicle to render aid, with his daughter Colleen right behind him. Upon approaching the vehicle they observed an elderly man slumped over in the front seat. They immediately saw flames coming from the undercarriage of the vehicle and realized the seriousness of the situation. Deputy Thompson was able to enter the backseat of the vehicle and began to calm and reassure the victim help was on the way. The elderly occupant of the vehicle, later identified as Sam Parkins 85 yrs. old of Wyandanch, was reporting he was in severe pain and asked that he not be moved. Chief Thompson’s attempt to open the door was unsuccessful, he then found a large rock and broke the window , knowing that the victim had to be extricated as quickly as possible due the growing flames. At this point a retired NYC firefighter arrived on the scene and together all three first responders were able to lift the victim out of the flaming car to safety. Mr. Parkins was removed to Stony Brook Hospital with a broken pelvis, two broken legs and chest injuries.

There is no doubt the actions of Chief Thompson, his daughter Deputy Sheriff Colleen Thompson and the retired NYC firefighter saved the life of Mr. Parkins. Their quick decisive actions in spite of grave personal danger are a tribute to their bravery and devotion to duty , dedication to their community and compassion for others in time of need.
It is for these reasons the Long Island Shields are proud to name them as the cops of the month.

Police Officer of the Month, June 2014

On Saturday March 19th, 2014 Police Officers Michael Konatsotis a 17 year veteran and David Roussine a 2 year veteran of the NYPD currently assigned to the 30 Pct., were reassigned to fly into the 19th Pct. for the day, due to staffing shortage in the 19th PCT. The day tour was quiet until a mid afternoon radio run was assigned to them regarding an aided case of an infant with difficulty breathing.

At approximately 1421 hrs. the officers were dispatched to 207 East 74th St. to investigate the aided case. Upon their arrival at that location they met in front of the building by residents of the building and the parents of the child, all of the people were excited and extremely concerned for the welfare of the child as she had apparently stopped breathing on her own.

The officers quickly assessed the situation and determined immediate action was necessary to save the childs life , without hesitation they quickly placed the child in their RMP and proceeded to the hospital. With PO Konatsotis in the back performing chest compressions and giving mouth to mouth resuscitation and PO Roussine at the wheel , not a moment was wasted to save this childs life. Upon arrival at Cornell Hospital Center, the child began to breathe on her own.

The child was identified as Norah Schecter female 15 months old DOB 11/19/12 of 207 E. 74 St., daughter of Jason and Diane Schecter of the same address.

The aided was treated and released with no apparent damage or serious problems.

The professional manner in which these officers responded to this situation is to be commended. Their quick assessment of the condition of the aided , her age and the dire consequences if she had not been revived as quickly as she was were factors the officers used to make the decision to transport themselves, rather than wait for an ambulance.

The actions of these officers, in quickly assessing the condition of the and then rendering aid and transporting the child to the hospital no doubt saved her life.

Their professionalism , intelligent actions and cool and calm demeanor bring credit to themselves, the 30 Pct. , the New York City Police Dept. and the entire law enforcement community.

For these reasons the Long Island Shields are proud to recognize PO Michael Konatsotis and PO David Roussine as the Police Officers of the month.

Police Officer of the Month, June 2014

On Sunday March 31, at approximately 02:23 AM, Police Officer Robert Florie in RMP 322 received a radio assignment for a man found bleeding in the street. Upon his arrival, the victim was found with his right thumb partially severed from his hand, and deep multiple slash wounds to his head and face from what appeared to be a machete attack. As the investigation unfolded, two additional victims were found with the following injuries, one with a deep laceration to the front of his head, and the other had a deep laceration to his left arm, which is also believed to be broken. A witness was located and pointed out a group of three men, consisting of the defendants Miguel Flores, Jose Hernandez, and a currently unknown third subject. Officer Florie attempted to stop and question the three male subjects but they ran off. He gave chase and after a brief foot pursuit, Officer Florie was able to place defendant Flores into custody.

A perimeter was established and Officer Costleigh, a K9 Officer, along with his service animal “Gehrig” located the second defendant Hernandez. The third subject remains at large. The victims were removed to NUMC.

Officer Florie’s keen observations resulted in the arrest of the defendants who was charged with violation of PL 125.25 Attempted Murder, PL 120.10 Assault 1st, PL 120.07 Gang Assault 1st and PL 265.02 Criminal Possession of a Weapon 3rd. The Police Officer of the Month Committee is proud to name Police Officer Robert Florie as the Police Officer of the Month of the Shields Long Island.

Police Officer of the Month, December 2013

On the mourning of Thursday, January 26, at approximately 0413, off-duty Lt. Barry Duignan, assigned to Emergency Service Unit, was driving to work at ESU Truck 7. As he was traveling on Cypress Hills Street, he observed a maroon minivan strike a light pole at the intersection of Jamaica Avenue and Cypress Hills.

Unknown to Lt. Duignan, the driver of the minivan had, just 20 minutes earlier, pulled a weapon and carjacked the vehicle from the owner. Lt. Duignan slowed down his auto and observed the masked operator of the vehicle exit the auto and walk away from the location. Lt. Duignan called ESU Truck 7 and reported what had just observed, told the officer at Truck 7 to notify the 75 Precinct direct through Division radio, and that he was following the driver of the vehicle. Two officers assigned to the 75 Precinct responding to the accident location observed a male running on the sidewalk coming from the direction of the accident. As they approached the male, he initially slowed to a walk, but after refusing to obey the orders of the Officers to stop, he took off running.

Lieutenant Duignan pulled up to the Officers and informed them that they had attempted to stop the right guy. Lt. Duignan, in his personal auto, continued after the individual, followed by the two Officers in their marked RMP. At the corners of Hemlock st. and Etna st, video surveillance captured the perpetrator’s fully extend right arm pointed directly towards Lt.Duignan’s auto. The perpetrator had fired a shot directly at Lt. Duignan, who responded with two shots, hitting the perpetrator. Lt. Duignan informed them that the perp was down but may still be armed and capable of firing his weapon. the perpetrator could be seen in a driveway with his hands underneath his body. the officers took tactical positions to cover the perp until additional units responded. The perp was secured by responding officers and a silver revolver was retrieved from his pants pocket. A zip lock bag containing a large quantity of .22 caliber cartridges was also recovered within close proximity of the perpetrator.

The perpetrator, later identified as 21-year-old Christopher Kissane, died from his wounds. He had prior arrests for criminal sale of a controlled substanceand criminal possession of a weapon. Prior to his confrontation with Lt. Duignan, it is believed that Mr.Kissane had robbed a women at gun point, pressing his gun into the woman’s stomach and demanding her property, and ten minutes later shooting out the driver’s side rear window of a different woman’s car in his attempt to car jack that auto.

In recognition of Lt. Barry Duignan displaying true courage, and exercising sound and reasoned judgment, resulting in the apprehension of a dangerous and armed individual, he is acknowledged by his peers as a “Leader of the Finest.”

Police Officer of the Month, November 2013

Tonight we are here to honor the excellent teamwork of Hempstead Police Officers Christopher Cohen and Roman Pettway. Though there are many examples of their professional police work, tonight we will focus on two instances in particular. On June 28, 2012 at approximately 1:00 pm these officers were dispatched to a location on Main St to investigate a report of two suspicious individuals. Upon arrival the officers discovered these two subjects were in possession of numerous electronic items and a substantial amount of jewelry. Evasive answers by the subjects to the officers questions further aroused their suspicions. PO Cohen , knowing that earlier in the day he had taken a burglary report from a homeowner who had electronic items and jewelry stolen, further investigated with PO Pettway. PO Cohen subsequently found a photo of the burglary victim on a Sony camera that was in possession of the subjects. The subjects were arrested, gave full confessions and the burglary victim had her property returned.

The second incident occurred on November 27, 2012. At approximately 1:30 am both officers were operating a marked police vehicle in a high crime area. The officers heard several gunshots coming from the immediate area. When they turned the corner they observed two subjects firing a handgun across the roadway. When the officers exited their vehicle the subjects fled on foot. The officers gave chase and followed the subjects through numerous darkened yards. Shortly thereafter the subjects were apprehended and a .45 caliber handgun was recovered. One of the subjects gave a full admission that the gun was his and he was firing at another individual.

Though both very different incidents, both are fine examples of exemplary patrol work and heroic actions resulting in the apprehension of dangerous felons. For these acts of professionalism and courage the Shields of Long Island are proud to present our Police Officer of the Month honor to PO Christopher Cohen and PO Roman Pettway.

Police Officer of the Month, September 2013

On August 29, just before midnight, a 911 call was received for a home invasion burglary on Lynbrook Ave in Point Lookout. The victim stated to officers that a man in a camouflage jacket, with dark pants and a bandana over his face had broken into her home and threatened her with a knife. Fortunately, the suspect left the house when the victim started screaming. She informed the responding officers that the subject fled in the direction of Bayside Dr.

The officers were able to develop the name of the subject and responded to his residence. Sergeant Stillman and PO Adamo knocked on the front door as Police Officers Badlolato, Walters and Shevy Berkovits covered the rear of the residence. The rear of this bayfront house is a short sandy beach and it was very dark out. When the suspect’s father refused to allow the police to speak to his son, the officers maintained the perimeter while waiting for detectives to arrive. After several long minutes, the subject quietly exited the house and without warning or provocation charged towards PO Berkovits with his arm up and holding a large knife ready for an overhand, downward thrust into the officer. PO Berkovits realized he was in imminent danger of death, but still shouted verbal commands for the subject to stop his actions. The subject did not comply and continued his attack. With no other option available, PO Berkovits fired his pistol at the subject in order to stop the attack. The subject then turned in an attempt to stab another officer who was in close proximity. Recognizing the immediacy of the situation, PO Berkovits fired again, this time to save his fellow officer’s life. The subject was mortally wounded by this shot, thus ceasing the attack.

Police Officer Berkovits is recognized tonight for intelligently distinguishing himself by the performance of an act of courage involving the imminent risk of death to himself and his fellow officers. Police Officer Berkovits acted with restraint and he only fired his weapon when there was no other option available to save his own life and then the lives of fellow officers. For these heroic actions the Shields of Long Island is proud to honor Police Officer Shevach Berkovits as our Police Officer of the Month.

Police Officer of the Month, June 2013

Lieutenant (Retired) Thomas K. Barnes: Formerly of the Gang Division

At approximately 1100 hours of Friday, April 13, 2012 retired Lieutenant Thomas Barnes was gassing up his car at the BP station at the corner of East 119th Street and First Avenue. Moments earlier three Police Officers responded to a robbery in progress at a pharmacy located diagonally across from the street where Lt Barnes was standing. The pharmacy, containing three workers and five customers including a baby in a stroller, was being held up by two males demanding cash and perscription medicines. The responding officiers were attempting to restrain one of the perpetrators when the second perpetrator exited the pharmacy shooting at the officers. Once of the officers returned fire as the perp sprinted across the street continuing to fire at the officers. Lt Barnes kneew he had to intervene to help save the officers lives. As the perp ran away from the officers, continuing to fire his weapon, Lt Barnes stepped out from behind cover and fired three rounds at the perp. The peretrator fell to the ground mortally wounded.

Ther perpetrator was later identified as Wyatt Randolph, age 23, a known “Bloods” gang member who may recently committed two similiar robberies. Rudolph had also been connected to shooting a 19 year old in Georgia and a shooting in New York in 2010.

In recognition of Lt Thomas Barnes displayed true courage and taking decisive action resulting in the death of a dangerous armed perpetrator, potentially saving the lives of fellow officers, the LI Shields are proud to honor Ret Lt Thomas Barnes as cop of the month.

Police Officer of the Month, February 2013

Tonight we have the privilege of honoring Police Officer Joseph Wiemann for his exemplary work with the Long Beach Police Department. Upon doing a Google name search of PO Wiemann a long list of arrests pop up immediately including things such as gang assault, robbery with a handgun, and first degree rape. Even on his way to work he is active, as he initiated the arrest of a violent drug dealer, who was wanted after evading a police pursuit several days earlier. In 2012 alone PO Wiemann was arresting or assisting officer on 83 arrests.

The incident he is being honored for tonight goes as follows: On Sunday 8/12/2012 at 2:29 am PO Wiemann was assigned as the recorder in 2 man unit MPC 469. The unit was assigned and responded to a radio call for a large fight in front of East Market St. Upon arrival a large group was observed fighting in the street. As PO Wiemann approached the center of the large disturbance he observed a small, dark handgun fall to the ground at the feet of a male wearing a black and white flannel shirt. The subject proceeded to pick up the handgun, quickly turned and then proceeded to walk eastbound on East Market St. PO Wiemann radioed for assistance as he took off in foot pursuit, while keeping visual contact of the suspected fleeing felon. He pursued the subject to Riverside Blvd where he overtook the perpetrator and singularly apprehended him. Upon search of the perpetrator the gun was not initially found. However, after a brief search the gun, a loaded six shot 32 caliber Kel Tech handgun was located in the bushes of East Market St. This gun PO Wiemann positively identified as the gun he had observed in the possession of the defendant. The gun had been previously been reported stolen. Subsequently, the defendant was charged with criminal possession of a loaded firearm, criminal possession of stolen property along with unlawful possession of marijuana.

PO Wiemann was able to take a loaded handgun out of a potential dangerous criminal’s hands thereby protecting the public and fellow police officers from the possible future use of violence against them. Due to PO Wiemann’s keen sense of observation, quick thinking and courageous actions in the face of unknown danger the Shields of Long Island are proud to honor him as our Police Officer of the Month.

Police Officers of the Month, May 2012

Wed. July 4, 2012 started like any other day for PO John Burnett of the MTA Police Dept., but it would end much differently than any other he had ever experienced. The thirteen year veteran police officer and Naval Reserve Lt. Commander has seen a lot in his time on the job and has also been deployed to both Iraq and Afghanistan, but , nothing could prepare him for what he would encounter this day.

PO Burnett was assigned to the Jamaica Ave. LIRR station a footpost to ensure high visibility to the throng of commuters who use this station daily to travel from Long Island to NYC .Today in addition to the normal commuters there were also the additional crowds going to the beaches and points of interest in NYC to enjoy the holiday.

As PO Burnett walked his post he would encounter literally hundreds of people in a matter of minutes. Some encounters would merely be a glance acknowledging his presence others would be a brief conversation giving directions or other assistance.

At approximately 0928 hrs. while conducting a perimeter inspection of his post PO Burnett was on the street level beneath the trestle on Sutphin Blvd. talking to a cab driver, when suddenly and without any provocation he was attacked by a knife wielding male. The officer was stabbed in the area of his left eye and sustained a serious injury. Realizing he had been stabbed and was bleeding profusely, he went into survival mode , his police and military training kicked into high gear. He immediately began to execute a tactical retreat to put some distance between himself and the perpetrator, all the while yelling ” Police don’t move”, verbal commands to get to attacker to surrender. The perp. ignored these commands and continued to advance on the officer. Having no other options and fearing his life was in imminent danger he drew his service weapon and fired four times striking the perp. with all four rounds.

Both the officer and his attacker were removed to Jamaica Hospital, PO Burnett underwent emergency surgery in an effort to save the vision in his left eye, which sustained severe damage. The attacker was pronounced DOA at Jamaica Hospital, he was later identified as Edgar Owens M/B 46 Yrs. old with a long and violent history of attacking police officers.

For his professionalism and bravery while engaging an armed adversary in a violent life and death encounter, we applaud his actions. His actions bring credit to himself , the MTA Police Dept. and the entire law enforcement community.

The LI Shields are proud to present PO John Burnett with the “cop of the month” award.