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President’s Message, February 2004

Richie PetitoFebruary 2004 – Welcome back, hopefully you had a safe and happy holiday. It’s hard to believe that 2004 is almost two months old, maybe the snow will give us a break.

Let us start by thanking Diane and Joe Geschwind for running another great Children’s Holiday Party. The weather outside was frightful, but you couldn’t tell it by the more than 150 attendees who hada fun time, the smiles on the kids faces were priceless. After running this affair for over 20 years, Diane and Joe are taking a well deserved break and handing the baton to Jennifer and Sean Kelleher who will still be ably assisted by Neil Delargy, who will give them thebenefit of his advice and experience.

As I stated in the last Call Box, Joe’s position on the Board of Governors will be filled by Joe Wolff. Welcome aboard Joe.

The over 90 Shields members and friends were treated to an exciting hockey game on December 29th, we even saw the Islandersbeat the Stanley Cup Champion, New Jersey Devils.

Don’t forget that May 9-16 will be National Police Week in Washington, D.C., various ceremonies are planned throughout the week.

It seems that the Governor has proposed changes in the pistol fee structure throughout New York, we’re not sure how this will affect retirees, but it doesn’t look good. You can call his office at (518) 474-8390 and let them know that you are opposed to the 2 new pistol permit proposals.

I want to thank Detective Nelson Dones NYPD for his talk meeting regarding the National Police Support Network he created for law enforcement officers and their families, including retirees.

Congratulations to the Shields Scholarship winners, they will receive their awards at the February 26th meeting. Retired Deputy Inspector Alan Goodman, 27 yeats NYPD will be our guest speaker, and will offer our members and guests an insightful and exciting learing experience.

Yes, there still is justice! I have been informed by Jack Coughlin that The New York State Parole Board denied parole to BLA terrorist, cop-killer Herman Bell. I guess the over 300 letters sent by The Shields, and over 20,000 petitions did some good. Thank You to all our members who took the time to write opposing parole for this vicious assassin.

Watch your back and wear your vest, we need you!


Police Officers of the Month, February 2004

On April 16, 2003 P.O. Stanley Oleksiak, while responding to an unrelated assignment, was in the vicinity of Washington Mutual Band in Rockville Centre when a radio notification was transmitted regarding a robbery which had just occured at the bank.

The radio tranmission regarding the robbery contained little information concerning the number of perpetrators, vehicle description, or the direction of travel of the robbery suspects.

P.O. Oleksiak observed, what he beleived to be, a suspicios van occupied by two males in the vicinity. P.O. Oleksiak followed the suspicious vehicle and kept them under surveillance while awaiting for additional information from units at the scene of the robbery.

Based on his suspicions, P.O. Oleksiak attempted to stop the vehicle and conduct an investigation. The described vehicle attempted to evade P.O. Oleksiak and a pursuit ensued which ended in Hempstead where, after a coordinated search of the area by units at the scene, one subject was arrested and charged with Robbery 2nd degree. The subsequent investigation led to the arrested subject being charged with robbery of another bank, State Bank of Long Island in New Hyde Park, which occurred a week earlier on April 10, 2003.

A follow up investigation resulted in a second subject being apprehended and charged with the Rockville Centre bank robbery.

Because of his astute observation and his heroic actions the Long Island Shields are proud to present Police Officer of the Month to Rockville Centre Police Officer Stan Oleksiak.

President’s Message, December 2003

December 2003 – It is my sad responsibility to report the recent death of Shields Chaplain Rev. Robert Arnold, who passed away on November 11 th, due to a heart ailment, he will be missed by many. Rev. Arnold was a straight shooter, he didn’t patronize you, he told it like it was. But most of all he was devoted to his family and friends. I can never thank him for the words and prayers of encouragement he gave to me through out the many years I knew him. To Gerry his wife of 58 years our thoughts are with you.

On a lighter note I can’t say enough about November’s speaker Ret Capt. NYPD/Author Dan Mahoney, his talk was both amusing and revealing about the publishing industry.

Speaking of authors, Ret. Lt. NYPD Ed Dee, has a new novel out, ‘The Con Man’s Daughter’, I just finished it, and it doesn’t get much better. Good Luck Ed!

Who said things are not as good the second time? Well The Shields and FOP Lodge 317 shot that to pieces on November 8th, our benefit dinner/dance featuring ‘Emile Stucchio and The Classics’ was better than ever, just ask the many members and friends who attended. To all who assisted (too many to mention) “THANK YOU” your generosity and help made it Possible.

Don’t forget this is the meeting to bring a toy for a needy child, as in the past I’m sure you’ll feel better making a child happy this holiday season.

The December 11th meeting promises to be interesting; our speaker will be NYPD Det. Nelson Doanes, founder of The National Police Support Network. In April of 2000 he was diagnosed with advanced Hodgkin’s Lymphoma, with about four months to live without treatment His story is one to hear.

As of January 1 st, Ed Henson will step down as Vice President due to his relocation to Florida. Recording Secretary Jim Bartkowski will assume the Vice Presidency, Board Member Bill Petito will take Jim’s spot, and Joe Wolff will become the new member of the Board of Governors. Thanks for a11 your time and efforts Ed, they are greatly appreciated

Hope we see you on the 11th, if not have a happy and safe holiday, and We’ll see you in 2004. Happy Holidays!


Police Officers of the Month, November 2003

On Saturday, September 21, Officer John McCarthy was patroling the beach front at Jones Beach State Park. State Park Police Communications had received a 911 call from a person on the beach front reporting that two persons were in the ocean and having difficulty staying afloat and were in apparent danger; there were no lifeguards on duty.

Officer McCarthy responded to the scene and observer that there were now four persons in the water in distress. Two other persons who were attempting a rescue had joined the original two vicitms. All four persons were now in distress. Officer McCarthy notified Park Police Headquarters that the situation was critical and requested assistance from the Coast Guard and Police Aviation.

Officer McCarthy then entered the water with a rescue buoy. Officer McCarthy swam out in the rough surf to the victims and worked with them to guide them out of a rip tide and to shore.

One victim had to be carried from the surf and was taken by helicopter to Nassau University Medical Center. Officer McCarthy was exhausted by the rescue efforts and required hospitalization for several days to recover.

Because of his lifesavings actions the Long Island Shields is proud to award ‘Police Officer of the Month for November’ to Park Police Officer John McCarthy.

2003 Scholarship Winners

Congratulations to the following 2003 Shields Scholarship Winners. These awards were presented at the February 26, 2004 meeting.

Ptl. Phil Cardillo Memorial Scholarship – Laureen Bartkowski

Brian Aarons Memorial Scholarship – Michael Oliva

Walter Schilt Memorial Scholarship – Nicole Pitcavage

P.O. George Scheu Memorial Scholarship – William Rottkamp

Hugh T. Kelleher Memorial Scholarship – Paul Savas

Arthur Van Pelt Memorial Scholarship – Cherilyn Sileo

Long Island Shields Scholarship – Victoria Wonjo

Police Officers of the Month, September 2003

At approximately 2245 hrs. P.O. Frane Reado responded to a disturbance call in Hempstead NY. Upon his arrival he was informed by a woman that her ex boyfriend and father of her child had just left after terrorizing everyone in the house.

She informed P.O. Reado that she had just moved from Uniondale to Hempstead to get away from him. She further stated that he had just smashed her front door open with a pipe, then smashed an interior door with the pipe trying to get to her. He was unsuccessful because she locked herself, along with her child in another room. She stated that everyone in the house was traumatized because of him. While at the residence P.O. Reado conversed with the ex boyfriend on the telephone, upon learning that P.O. Reado was “the man” he told him he’ll be back to take care of him. After calming the woman and her family P.O. Reado left the house.

As P.O. Reado was outside the residence getting ready to leave, the ex boyfriend pulled up in his vehicle and approached P.O. Reado. At this time P.O. Reado observed the subject pull out a handgunfrom behind his back. P.O. Reado immediately drew his service weapon, aimed it at him and ordered him to drop the gun. The subject continued towards P.O. Reado while raising his gun at the officer. P.O. Reado fearing for his life and others fired at the subject hitting him twice in the chest. The subject was pronounced dead at the scene. P.O. Reado’s actions were not only heroic, but proper and professional.

Because of his actions the Long Island Shields is proud to award Police Officer of the Month for September 2003 to Police Officer Frane Reado, Hempstead Police Department.

Police Officers of the Month, March 2003

On March 9, 2003, Police Officer Schmidt ran through heavy smoke and flames in a burning West Islip home to save a collapsed firefighter.

Police Officer Richard Schmidt, Suffolk County 3rd Pct., rushed into a home after he saw that West Islip Fire Chief Henry Epp, who had collapsed in the home’s kitchen while fighting the fire, needed help. The fire was raging at the home on W. 4th St., when police and fire officials arrived at about 8 p.m. Police said Epp entered the home to search for anyone trapped in the blaze and he was overcome bY heavy smoke and collapsed.

P.O. Schmidt became concerned when the fire started getting out of control and Epp didn’t come out.

Some of the flames were coming out the kitchen door and were already blowing out the front door and windows. P.O. Schmidt called out to Epp several times and there was no response. He then looked in the kitchen door and saw Epp on the kitchen floor, face down. He was trying to crawl on his own, but wasn’t moving too fast. P.O. Schmidt then crawled in and pulled Fire Fighter Epp out, saving him from further injury, and possibly saving Chief Epp’s life.

Due to his heroic actions and total disregard for his own safety, the Long Island Shields are proud to present to P.O. Schmidt of the Suffolk County Police Department, the Police Officer of the Month Award.

Police Officers of the Month, December 2002

Sgt. Charles Daskalakis – 45 Pct.
P.O. Anthony LeDonne – 45 Pct.
P.O. John Ferrer – 45 Pct.
P.O. Fazioll Shafi – 45 Pct.

The four officers working a 12 x 8 shift on 12/29/02 ran into a burning building around the corner from the station house (45 Pct.) at approximately 4:00 A.M. braving smoke and flames to save three people, including a 87 yr. old man.

The officers formed a human chain as they felt their way to a second floor room in the burning building, where they found the victims huddled and led them to safety.

The flames erupted shortly after 4:00 A.M. inside a ground floor beauty parlor at 3675 E. Tremont Ave. spreading to the adjacent building, where three people lived upstairs. As the fire raged a man ran into the 45th Pct. Station House to report the blaze. The four cops never hesitated as they dashed out of the station house.

Sgt. Daskalakis arrived first and got inside by smashing the lobby door window. As soon as the door was opened they were hit by a thick wall of smoke. With smoke filling the hallways and flames growing closer the officers decided to walk up the staircase as a group. Sgt. Daskalakis was leading three officers, P.O.’s Ferrer, LeDonne and Shafi. As they made their way upstairs, they heard the faint cries of an 87 yr. old man, his daughter and her friend. P.O. Ledonne picked up the elderly man and carried him down the stairs. The other two victims were guided out by the officers who positioned themselves along the staircase and passed the two women from hand to hand. The two women declined medical assistance but the man was taken to Jacobi Hospital where he was listed in stable condition.

Because of their heroic actions, it is the privilege of the Long Island Shield to present Sgt. Jaskalakis, P.O. Ferrer, P.O. LeDonne and P.O. Shafi with the December, Police Officer of the Month Award.