Police Officer of the Month, June 2014

On Saturday March 19th, 2014 Police Officers Michael Konatsotis a 17 year veteran and David Roussine a 2 year veteran of the NYPD currently assigned to the 30 Pct., were reassigned to fly into the 19th Pct. for the day, due to staffing shortage in the 19th PCT. The day tour was quiet until a mid afternoon radio run was assigned to them regarding an aided case of an infant with difficulty breathing.

At approximately 1421 hrs. the officers were dispatched to 207 East 74th St. to investigate the aided case. Upon their arrival at that location they met in front of the building by residents of the building and the parents of the child, all of the people were excited and extremely concerned for the welfare of the child as she had apparently stopped breathing on her own.

The officers quickly assessed the situation and determined immediate action was necessary to save the childs life , without hesitation they quickly placed the child in their RMP and proceeded to the hospital. With PO Konatsotis in the back performing chest compressions and giving mouth to mouth resuscitation and PO Roussine at the wheel , not a moment was wasted to save this childs life. Upon arrival at Cornell Hospital Center, the child began to breathe on her own.

The child was identified as Norah Schecter female 15 months old DOB 11/19/12 of 207 E. 74 St., daughter of Jason and Diane Schecter of the same address.

The aided was treated and released with no apparent damage or serious problems.

The professional manner in which these officers responded to this situation is to be commended. Their quick assessment of the condition of the aided , her age and the dire consequences if she had not been revived as quickly as she was were factors the officers used to make the decision to transport themselves, rather than wait for an ambulance.

The actions of these officers, in quickly assessing the condition of the and then rendering aid and transporting the child to the hospital no doubt saved her life.

Their professionalism , intelligent actions and cool and calm demeanor bring credit to themselves, the 30 Pct. , the New York City Police Dept. and the entire law enforcement community.

For these reasons the Long Island Shields are proud to recognize PO Michael Konatsotis and PO David Roussine as the Police Officers of the month.

2014 Scholarship Winners

The following are the Shields 2014 scholarship winners

  • Douglas Toledo, attending Stony Brook University
  • Christopher Greer, attending Adelphi University
  • Lara Oliva, attending Nassau Community College
  • Riley Lestings, attending Stony Brook University
  • Kelly O’Keefe, attending Suffolk Community College
  • Jessica Lanning, attending Mt. St. Mary College

President’s Message – September 2014

Welcome Back! I hope that you and your family members had an enjoyable and safe summer.

I wish to thank Patti McDonald, the wife of Detective Steven McDonald for assisting us in getting Steven as our guest speaker at our June meeting. Steven’s talk was inspirational and held our guests attention. His strength and fortitude is so admirable, but the fact that he chose to forgive the individual who shot him is amazing. We would also like to thank Steven for giving us copies of the book “Why Forgive?” in which there is a chapter written about his shooting.

Speaking of books, Ret. LT. (NYPD) has published his 3rd a trilogy; A Letter to Ballyturan.

To our latest scholarship winners. Congratulations, keep in touch and let us know how your next step in the educational process is doing.

Please note the location of our September 18th at The Coral House in Baldwin. This change was made to accommodate members living in the city and western Nassau.

Let us know what you think. We hope you like it.

Hope we see you on Sept 18th
Richie Petito