Police Officer of the Month, June 2014

On Sunday March 31, at approximately 02:23 AM, Police Officer Robert Florie in RMP 322 received a radio assignment for a man found bleeding in the street. Upon his arrival, the victim was found with his right thumb partially severed from his hand, and deep multiple slash wounds to his head and face from what appeared to be a machete attack. As the investigation unfolded, two additional victims were found with the following injuries, one with a deep laceration to the front of his head, and the other had a deep laceration to his left arm, which is also believed to be broken. A witness was located and pointed out a group of three men, consisting of the defendants Miguel Flores, Jose Hernandez, and a currently unknown third subject. Officer Florie attempted to stop and question the three male subjects but they ran off. He gave chase and after a brief foot pursuit, Officer Florie was able to place defendant Flores into custody.

A perimeter was established and Officer Costleigh, a K9 Officer, along with his service animal “Gehrig” located the second defendant Hernandez. The third subject remains at large. The victims were removed to NUMC.

Officer Florie’s keen observations resulted in the arrest of the defendants who was charged with violation of PL 125.25 Attempted Murder, PL 120.10 Assault 1st, PL 120.07 Gang Assault 1st and PL 265.02 Criminal Possession of a Weapon 3rd. The Police Officer of the Month Committee is proud to name Police Officer Robert Florie as the Police Officer of the Month of the Shields Long Island.

President’s Message, June 2014

I will start this message by extending my sincere thanks to the 25+ Shields members and friends who volunteered their time and efforts assisting us decorating the veteran’s graves at Long Island National Cemetery. Unfortunately I can’t say the same when it came to the Nassau County Games for the Physically Challenged. I would like to thank John Mifsud and his co-workers from the FBI for their continued support on Fridays, and the officials of the Nassau ASA Umpires Association once again for their help on Saturday, also thanks to the 7 Shields members who assisted us at Mitchel Field. Needless to say, I was disappointed by the lack of Shields member’s participation.

Our next meeting on Thursday, June 19 will be special, as we recognize the recent Scholarship winners. Please come out and show them that you care; they are the future of this great country. Good job by Luke Johnson as Scholarship Chairman.

If we don’t see you please take care, and have a healthy and safe.

Remember to proudly fly our flag. God bless America!