President’s Message, January 2014

I sincerely hope that everyone has had a safe and enjoyable holiday season.

As I start to write this message, I’m looking out at the mounds of snow in my yard and I now realize why people head south for the winter. I’m sure their backs don’t ache from shoveling and/or pushing a snow blower. Enough of feeling sorry for myself, let’s review the past year’s accomplishments.

Once again Mike and Noele Villa did an excellent job running our 2013 Long Island Shields Children’s Holiday Party. The food was plentiful and good; the DJ and his assistants were caring and thoughtful; and a good time was had by all who attended. Mike would like to thank those who worked with him and Noele, and those who donated gift baskets for the raffle. Also, we don’t want to forget to thank Santa, our special guest, who thrilled all the children with his jovial and caring ways, and also, Bob Forrester who made sure he got there on time.

As reported in the last CALL BOX, Pete Cardalena has stepped down as the Shields attorney. I am glad to report that Pete Caso (Ret. Lt. NYPD) has graciously agreed to assume the position as our general counsel.

Let us also thank Dom Camaratta for the many and wonderful pictures he has provided for us. Dom has agreed to become our official Shield’s photographer.

Our speaker for the next meeting on February 27th will be Pete Nerney (Ret. Detective NYPD) who will talk about an interesting case that he has been working on as a private investigator.

Hopefully, when I write the next President’s message there won’t be 18 inches of snow on the ground and spring will be in the air. Be careful when shoveling the snow and don’t over exert yourselves. You mean a lot to us.

Hope we see you on the 27th and try to bring a friend.