President’s Message, December 2013

In response to the many inquiries that I have received, I must inform the membership that regrettably Pete Cardalena has chosen to step down as the Shields attorney. Words alone cannot describe my admiration and respect for Pete. He was always there whenever we needed him, offering his services and/or words of encouragement. I know Pete has also assisted families in their time of need and advised many of our members. My appreciation and gratitude go out to Pete. THANK YOU Pete, you and your many informative articles will be greatly missed.

Now that the November elections are over, I would like to extend Shields congratulations to our many friends who were either elected or re elected to office. We need all the friends we can get.

Thanks to Susan LaTorre, Director of Community Relations @ The Arbors Assisted Living Communities, for her informative talk regarding hidden Veterans, benefits offered and the benefits of living at The Arbors.

Don’t forget Sunday, December 15th Mike Villa will be running our Children’s Brunch with Santa at The Inn in New Hyde Park. Further details can be found in this edition of the Call Box on page 7. Mike will have raffle tickets available at our next meeting which will be Thursday December 12th at The Stuart Thomas Manor. Come out and share a table with old or new friends. Please remember to bring an unwrapped toy for a child.

This will be our last Call Box for 2013. On behalf of your Board of Officers, I would like to wish you a Merry Christmas and a safe and happy New Year.

See you next year!

Stay safe,

Police Officer of the Month, December 2013

On the mourning of Thursday, January 26, at approximately 0413, off-duty Lt. Barry Duignan, assigned to Emergency Service Unit, was driving to work at ESU Truck 7. As he was traveling on Cypress Hills Street, he observed a maroon minivan strike a light pole at the intersection of Jamaica Avenue and Cypress Hills.

Unknown to Lt. Duignan, the driver of the minivan had, just 20 minutes earlier, pulled a weapon and carjacked the vehicle from the owner. Lt. Duignan slowed down his auto and observed the masked operator of the vehicle exit the auto and walk away from the location. Lt. Duignan called ESU Truck 7 and reported what had just observed, told the officer at Truck 7 to notify the 75 Precinct direct through Division radio, and that he was following the driver of the vehicle. Two officers assigned to the 75 Precinct responding to the accident location observed a male running on the sidewalk coming from the direction of the accident. As they approached the male, he initially slowed to a walk, but after refusing to obey the orders of the Officers to stop, he took off running.

Lieutenant Duignan pulled up to the Officers and informed them that they had attempted to stop the right guy. Lt. Duignan, in his personal auto, continued after the individual, followed by the two Officers in their marked RMP. At the corners of Hemlock st. and Etna st, video surveillance captured the perpetrator’s fully extend right arm pointed directly towards Lt.Duignan’s auto. The perpetrator had fired a shot directly at Lt. Duignan, who responded with two shots, hitting the perpetrator. Lt. Duignan informed them that the perp was down but may still be armed and capable of firing his weapon. the perpetrator could be seen in a driveway with his hands underneath his body. the officers took tactical positions to cover the perp until additional units responded. The perp was secured by responding officers and a silver revolver was retrieved from his pants pocket. A zip lock bag containing a large quantity of .22 caliber cartridges was also recovered within close proximity of the perpetrator.

The perpetrator, later identified as 21-year-old Christopher Kissane, died from his wounds. He had prior arrests for criminal sale of a controlled substanceand criminal possession of a weapon. Prior to his confrontation with Lt. Duignan, it is believed that Mr.Kissane had robbed a women at gun point, pressing his gun into the woman’s stomach and demanding her property, and ten minutes later shooting out the driver’s side rear window of a different woman’s car in his attempt to car jack that auto.

In recognition of Lt. Barry Duignan displaying true courage, and exercising sound and reasoned judgment, resulting in the apprehension of a dangerous and armed individual, he is acknowledged by his peers as a “Leader of the Finest.”