President’s Message, February 2013

I sincerely hope everyone had a happy and holy holiday season. A lot has happened since our last meeting in December. The Newtown, Connecticut school incident for one. This tragedy has caused much controversy regarding gun control laws in our country. I know that we all offer our deepest sympathy to the folks of Newtown.

We should also extend our sympathy to the families of those slain in California by the troubled former Los Angeles officer.
Our sympathy is also extended to the family of Detective Pete Figoski. They were crushed two times by a Brooklyn jury.
Glad to report that Bruce Lorick, the murderer of P.O. Joe Keegan was denied parole for the fourth time.

On a lighter note, Mike and Noele Villa did a great job on our Children’s Christmas party held in December. There were many positive comments.

The NYS FOP will be holding a blood drive on Tuesday March 5, from 12:00PM until 5:00PM at the FOP Building 911 Police Plaza, Hicksville. Bring photo ID with you as you give the gift of life.

The annual Ptl. Phil Cardillo Memorial Motorcycle Ride will be held on Sunday April 14, leaving from the Embassy Diner in Bethpage.

Effective as of February 15the opt out privacy form for Nassau pistol holders should be available at the Nassau County Pistol Section. Call 573-7000 and ask for the pistol section for information.

I read a very interesting article in the Daily News about Rabbi Berkowitz.It showed what a compassionate individual he is. That’s why we love you, Rabbi.

Dave Fischer has assured me that George Maragos, Nassau County Comptroller will be the guest speaker at our February 28 meeting, Hope we see you there. Be Safe!


Police Officer of the Month, February 2013

Tonight we have the privilege of honoring Police Officer Joseph Wiemann for his exemplary work with the Long Beach Police Department. Upon doing a Google name search of PO Wiemann a long list of arrests pop up immediately including things such as gang assault, robbery with a handgun, and first degree rape. Even on his way to work he is active, as he initiated the arrest of a violent drug dealer, who was wanted after evading a police pursuit several days earlier. In 2012 alone PO Wiemann was arresting or assisting officer on 83 arrests.

The incident he is being honored for tonight goes as follows: On Sunday 8/12/2012 at 2:29 am PO Wiemann was assigned as the recorder in 2 man unit MPC 469. The unit was assigned and responded to a radio call for a large fight in front of East Market St. Upon arrival a large group was observed fighting in the street. As PO Wiemann approached the center of the large disturbance he observed a small, dark handgun fall to the ground at the feet of a male wearing a black and white flannel shirt. The subject proceeded to pick up the handgun, quickly turned and then proceeded to walk eastbound on East Market St. PO Wiemann radioed for assistance as he took off in foot pursuit, while keeping visual contact of the suspected fleeing felon. He pursued the subject to Riverside Blvd where he overtook the perpetrator and singularly apprehended him. Upon search of the perpetrator the gun was not initially found. However, after a brief search the gun, a loaded six shot 32 caliber Kel Tech handgun was located in the bushes of East Market St. This gun PO Wiemann positively identified as the gun he had observed in the possession of the defendant. The gun had been previously been reported stolen. Subsequently, the defendant was charged with criminal possession of a loaded firearm, criminal possession of stolen property along with unlawful possession of marijuana.

PO Wiemann was able to take a loaded handgun out of a potential dangerous criminal’s hands thereby protecting the public and fellow police officers from the possible future use of violence against them. Due to PO Wiemann’s keen sense of observation, quick thinking and courageous actions in the face of unknown danger the Shields of Long Island are proud to honor him as our Police Officer of the Month.