2011 Scholarship Winners

The following students were chosen as scholarship winners for 2009.

  • Edward P. Henson Sr. Memorial – Chelsea Connor attending Nassau Community College
  • Hugh T. Kelleher – Marilyn Freeman attending Loyola University
  • PO George Scheu Memorial – Kevin Pollock attending University of Pittsburgh
  • Ptl Phil Cardillo Memorial – Rachael Petito attending Farmingdale College
  • Sgt Ray Matthews Memorial – Maria Piuggi attending Molloy College
  • Walter Schilt Memorial – Nora Culhane attending Marist College

Best of luck to all the winners, keep in touch with us!!!

President’s Message, September 2011

Thankfully, the summer of 2011 will soon be a memory, what a memory 104 degree temperatures, torrential rains, a baseball sized hail storm, an earth quake and a hurricane to boot. I guess it’s not good to make Mother Nature angry. Onward now to the second half of 2011.

Recently Rich Rottkamp and I had the honor to represent the Shields at two police memorials. We attended The New York State FOP memorial service in Hicksville, and we also were present at the Nassau County Police Department memorial service in Mineola, both were impressive and humbling services. We were honored to be invited to these ceremonies.

Special “THANKS” go to the many members and friends who volunteered their time and efforts placing flags on the tombs of our deceased veterans on May 28, and to those who provided crowd control at the Nassau Challenge Games for the Physically Challenged (June2-4) held at Mitchel Field.

Unfortunately, due to the rains John Colorundo has informed me that the 2011 golf outing has to be canceled, as of this writing only 4 holes are above water. Sorry if this caused any inconvience.

No words could describe the mood of our 150+ person crowd at the April meeting. Dan Murphy, father of Michael P. Murphy USN SEAL, and author Gary Williams held the audiences attention reminiscing about Michael’s life and deeds. Our POs of the Month, Inspector Rodney Harrison CO 28 Pct, and Detective Dwayne Davis, both (NYPD) reassured us, they will continue their fight for the rights of Ptl. Phil Cardillo and his family. Speaking of Insp. Harrison, I have recently learned the NYPD has transferred him to the 32 Pct where hopefully he will still assist the Cardillo family.

Please keep in your prayers the men and women who protect our country every day. Be safe.


Police Officers of the Month, September 2011

On March 1, 2011 two members of the Bellmore Volunteer Fire Department, brothers Justin and Dean Angel, responded by ambulance to a report of an auto accident. The call involved a car which had struck a pole and wires across the roadway at Bellmore Ave and Marion St in Bellmore . Upon arrival, Justin Angel approached a woman near the curb and asked her what happened. At that time, without warning, Justin heard an explosion and felt a sharp pain. Bellmore Fire Chief Robert Taylor saw Justin fall to the ground. Dean Angel observed a green, laser type light and correctly deduced that the loud noise was from a gun. Dean backed the ambulance to where Justin laid and he and Chief Taylor were able to pull Justin to safety and transport him to a hospital. Chief Taylor immediately notified the dispatcher of “shots fired”, however that information was not yet available to the responding police units.

Police Officer Dean Reiter of Nassau County Police Departments 7th precinct arrived along with Police Officer Michael Schneider of the Highway Patrol who was in an unmarked canine unit. The officers observed a damaged, possibly occupied pick-up truck, a snapped utility pole and downed wires.

Police Officer Paul Caiaccia of the 7th precinct arrived and was advised by a volunteer fireman that shots had been fired, but the source of the gunfire was unknown. PO Caiaccia drove towards PO Reiters’ RMP to assist him, but inadvertently pulled next to the damaged vehicle which was occupied by the shooter. PO Reiter and PO Schneider called out “Gun!” repeatedly to warn him of the danger. Subsequently multiple rounds were fired as PO Caiaccia dove for cover and drew his weapon.

PO Reiter observed the operator of the pick-up, utilizing his laser sight to target PO Schneider. PO Reiter, who was behind cover, drew his weapon and fired 2 shots at the perpetrator. PO Schneider had now maneuvered around the back and passenger side of the pick-up. He then was able to fire eight rounds through the passenger side window, mortally wounding the shooter.

The events surrounding this incident were unexpected and unfolded rapidly. The perpetrator, Jason Beller, had fired a total of 12 rounds from a semi-automatic rifle. He was armed with other firearms and ammunition. It is not clear why Beller was in Bellmore or who his intended targets were. What is clear is that the decisive, tactically sound, and courageous actions taken by these three Police Officers, in such a short time period and in a context they could not have imagined, saved lives. The Shields of Long Island are proud to honor PO Reiter, PO Schneider and PO Caiaccia as their Police Officers of the month.