Chaplain’s Corner, June 2011

The news and entertainment folks have been having a field day with the prediction of the end of the world. Why, David Letterman even went so far as to put up his own “bucket list,” “Top Ten Things I, Dave, Need to do before the end of the world,” on May 20, 2011 – the day before the alleged judgment of the world.

I’m not so impressed with making fun of a self-styled prophet (who works up calculations based on his own ideas) as I am astonished at the way this item was deemed “news-worthy.” The Letterman gag is just one of thousands of examples of people taking the end-time business as laughable. A better way of dealing with the subject would surely have to explore the vision of good people concerning the end of all things that hurt our neighbors, things like violence, abuse, theft, murder, gossip, immorality, (you get the idea) and even death itself.

With so much emphasis on the anger of an all-powerful personage who threatens to wreak vengeance on all but the special people, it’s surprising to see that other visions exist – and are likewise found in the Bible. For instance, the end of the world is predicted to be a time when all people will be relieved of tears and sorrows and invited to a super celebration where the best foods and the priciest wines will be served. (See Isaiah 25:1-9)

Short of the final end of time and matter, however, life goes on here on the earth with which the Creator has blessed us all – and assigns an office of protection to the responsible care of good political leaders and honorable police, fire, and national defense persons of every rank and tradition. Under the care of such ministering angels, all people are blessed – as one might observe – with their daily bread. For where the peace and safety are preserved, the farmer is able to plough, plant, and harvest – and the miller is able to grind – and the baker is able to bake – and the head of the household is able to provide all that is needed to the family around the table.

I pray, therefore, for the end of the world’s sufferings and injustices. I pray for the safety and strengthening of all who bear the office of peace-keeper, thwarting the designs of all evil-doers and encouraging the harmonious interaction of all people everywhere. In this light, I honor and respect all public servants and all involved in the care of others – and I’m proud to be identified as a chaplain to the Long Island Shields.

Chap. James G. Anderson

President’s Message, June 2011

Recently Rich Rottkamp and I had the honor to represent the Shields at two police memorials. On Saturday May 7, we attended The New York State FOP memorial service in Hicksville, and on Tuesday May 17, we were present at the Nassau County Police Department memorial service in Mineola, both were impressive and humbling services. We were honored to be invited to these ceremonies.

Special “THANKS” go to the many members and friends who volunteered their time and efforts placing flags on the tombs of our deceased veterans on May 28, and to those who provided crowd control at the Nassau Challenge Games for the Physically Challenged (June2-4) held at Mitchel Field.

No words could describe the mood of our 150+ person crowd at the April meeting. Dan Murphy, father of Michael P. Murphy USN SEAL, and author Gary Williams held the audiences attention reminiscing about Michael’s life and deeds. Our POs of the Month, Inspector Rodney Harrison CO 28 Pct, and Detective Dwayne Davis, both (NYPD) reassured us, they will continue their fight for the rights of Ptl. Phil Cardillo and his family.

Don’t forget Friday, August 5th is the date of our 2011 Moonlight Cruise. Rich and his committee promise a great time. Join us. You’ll not regret it.

John Colorundo has chosen Sun-Mon September 25-26 as the dates for our annual golf outing. For more information, check inside or see John or Rich Rottkamp at our meeting, Wednesday June 15. Remember this is our scholarship awards night, come to support our youth.

Please keep in your prayers the men and women who protect our country every day. Have a safe summer.


Police Officers of the Month, June 2011

On March 3rd, 2011 at approximately 3:20 PM Suffolk County Police Officer Alicia Bentz was preparing for her tour of duty at her relief point at the Central Islip Firehouse. PO Bentz had just completed a conversation with 74 year old volunteer firefighter Eugene Cilhar while she waited for her RMP. PO Bentz was exiting the firehouse when she heard a loud crash from within the firehouse. Bentz investigated where the noise came from and found Cilhar unconscious on the floor, not breathing and with no pulse. PO Bentz, a trained EMT, called for assistance from her cell phone immediately. She then grabbed the firehouse defibrillator, gave Cilhar a shock as instructed by the machine, and then began to perform CPR on Cilhar. By the time additional emergency workers arrived, the still unconscious Cilhar was breathing on his own. Cilhar was subsequently transported to Southside Hospital where he was admitted in stable condition. Due to PO Bentz calm in such a life threatening emergency Cilhar’s life was saved. PO Bentz relied on her years of professional experience and her training to resuscitate Cilhar. Due to such outstanding service attributed to PO Bentz actions, it is with great pleasure the Shields of Long Island would like to honor her as our Police Officer of the Month.