Police Officer of the Month, April 2011

Our honoree comes to us born and raised in Jamaica , Queens. He returned to NY after attending Springfield College in Massachusetts, graduating in 1992 with a B.S. in Physical Ed.. He joined the ranks of the NYPD in June 1992.

He began his career in the 114 Pct. and quickly established himself as an energetic, motivated police officer on the fast track to success. His work ethic and devotion to duty were soon recognized and he was promoted to detective and assigned to Brooklyn North Narcotics. In 1995 he was named the PBA cop of the Month. Subsequent promotions to Sgt., SDS, Lt. and Captain resulted in assignments in the 71,79 &47 Precincts. After his assignment in 47 Pct. as X.O. , he was subsequently assigned to the 28 Pct. ,as X.O. then promoted to Deputy Inspector designated as the Commanding Officer, the position he currently holds.

D.I. Harrison’s career has been punctuated with awards and accolades , especially from the community. He also leads by example in 2002 while leading a buy and bust operation in the confines of the 79 Pct he engaged in a gun battle with the drug dealers he was trying to arrest and was awarded the NYPD Combat Cross. On New Years Eve 2011 he opted to go out on patrol and wound up making a gun collar, obviously he is not your typical bureaucrat.

While his career is full of incidents praising his enforcement exploits, DI Harrison is most proud of another facet of law enforcement, his community involvement. He is a firm proponent of police community interaction especially with the younger members of the community, diverting their focus to positive and productive endeavors in order to benefit their community. His proactive programs including; The Basketball Clinic for kids from ages 7-12 , have been met with praise from community leaders. This is just one of the programs DI Harrison has been responsible for implementing.

DI Harrison’s community action has led him to embark on a mission which is quite close to the members of the LI Shields. He has begun an effort to have a street named in honor of Ptl. Phil Cardillo, killed 39 years ago in the confines of the 28 Pct, we wish him success. The Shields also at this time would like to recognize Det.Dwayne Harris for his untiring efforts with the community to get the street renaming project underway.

With all the time constraints placed on him, he still finds time to coach basketball, with his lovely wife Laprena also a Sgt in the NYPD, coaching the teams of their three young daughters.

The LI Shields also congratulate him for receiving The Brightest Star Award, an award presented by local clergymen in Harlem recognizing him for his work with “At risk youth”. He is only the second NYPD member to receive this award; the other is Police Commissioner Ray Kelly.

For his excellent police service, distinguished bravery and continued commitment to the community in which he serves the Long Shields are proud to present the Cop of the month to Deputy Inspector Rodney Harrison.