President’s Message, February 2011

Welcome to the winter of 2011, not to be easily forgotten I’m sure. Let’s hope the rest of 2011 turns into a better year for our members, families, and friends.

Let us not forget that 2011 is the tenth anniversary of the cowardly attack on our country by terrorists. Remember to continue to keep the many innocent victims your memories and prayers. Also, let us not forget those men and women who are fighting both home and abroad to protect us from those cowards.

Great job by Mike and Noele Villa and their committee in running The Shields Annual Children’s Christmas Party. A good time was had by all as witnessed by the many positive comments. Thanks go to Keith Linsalata of Art Flower Shop for donating his time, efforts and the personalized chocolate lollipops he gave to our children.

Words cannot describe the scene at our last meeting while our speaker, Dan Murphy, shared with us his memories of his slain son, Medal of Honor winner Lt. (Seal) Michael Murphy, USN. You could hear a pin drop and quite a few sniffles as Dan described his son’s valor in leading his Navy Seal team during Operation Redwings on June 28, 2005 in the Afghanistan hills. Michael and his team are true heroes in every sense of the word.

Mark Sunday, May 1 on your calendar, that’s the day they will be having the official street naming of Baisley Blvd. to Police Officer John Scarangella Way at the 113 Precinct. Ceremonies are scheduled between 10:00Am-2:00PM.

Best wishes to my friend, Tony Navarro, as he steps down as President of the Orange County Shields. It was a pleasure to work with Tony.

Hope we see you at the February 17th meeting. Be Safe!


Police Officers of the Month, February 2011

Police Officer Everett Mojica has been a member of the Department for 13 years, coming from the NYPD before joining the Rockville Centre Department in 1997. During his police career he has distinguished himself as a valuable asset to the Rockville Center Police Department, earning the “Cop of the Month” distinction many times throughout the years. Officer Mojica’s dedication to duty and through attention to detail during his patrols is apparent when reviewing his history of service to the community. Whether it be assisting on a call for medical assistance or responding and investigating a crime in progress, Officer Mojica has proven to be a knowledgeable and skilled member of the police force.

On June 28, 2009 at approximately 1834 hours, Officer Mojica was on patrol and responded to an assignment for a fire in an apartment in the building located at 200 North Village Road in Rockville Centre. Upon arrival, Officer Mojica observed a smoke condition and quickly determined that a fire was located in apartment E8. Office Mojica transmitted this information to police headquarters, at which time a notification was made to the fire department with this updated information. While being the only unit at the scene and hearing a voice from within the fire apartment, Officer Mojica, without the aid of any breathing apparatus of regard for his personal safety entered the smoke-filled apartment in an attempt to evacuate the occupant trapped therein. After numerous attempts to gain entry and an increasingly dangerous smoke condition, Officer Mojica was unable to gain entry to rescue the trapped victim. Moments later, a Rockville Centre Fire Department Chief, with firefighting gear and breathing apparatus, was able to gain entry and retrieve the trapped occupant of the apartment. Officer Mojica was able to assist the fire chief with the rescue of this victim once she was removed from the fire apartment.

After providing medical aid to this victim, Officer Mojica continued to assist the fire department with the evacuation of numerous other residents of this apartment building, suffering smoke inhalation himself. Without the prompt lifesaving actions of Officer Mojica during his arrival, notification, rescue of the trapped occupant, and administering of medical assistance this apartment fire could have easily become a fatal incident for the occupant of the apartment.

On August 25, 2008, at approximate 1228 hours, Officer Mojica responded to a reported aided case at a Linden Street, Rockville Centre residence. Officer Mojica administered first aid and CPR to an individual in cardiac arrest. Officer Mojica utilized the Police Department-issues AED and the aided person was transported to Mercy Medical Center for treatment. As a result of Officer Mojica’s timely response and quick actions, the aided was later reported recovering at Saint Francis Hospital for his medical condition.

On June 29, 2006, at approximately 1500 hours, Officer Mojica responded to the vicinity of a Merrick Road bank following a reported robbery. Officer Mojica conducted a thorough search of the vicinity and observed a suspicious person in the rear of a Merrick Road apartment building who fit the description of the suspect. Officer Mojica conducted a show up that resulted in a confirmed identification and the arrest of one subject for Robbery 1st Degree and Placing a False Bomb 1st Degree.

The above listed incidents are only a few examples of how Officer Mojica conducts himself on a daily basis while protecting the residents of the community in which he serves. I am proud to nominate Officer Mojica for the Long Island Shield’s “Top Cop” award.