President’s Message, November 2010

I would like to congratulate Charlie Caputo, who was recently re-elected as the President of the New York State Fraternal Order of Police for another term. I also thank Charlie for being our guest speaker at the November 4th meeting. Charlie informed us of the various legal aspects of HR 218 the “Law Enforcement Officers Safety Act” (LEOSA).

Congratulations are also in order to member, Mike Nied, recently elected 2nd Vice President of the NYS FOP; both are good men.

Good choice by FOP Lodge # 69, as they recently honored the respected John “The Mighty” Quinn (Ret. Lt. NYPD), as their “Member of the Year”. You couldn’t find a more respected boss in the NYPD than John.

Thanks goes to our membership for showing confidence in our Board, by re-electing the current Executive Board for another 2 years. Thank You!!

I for one was not sympathetic as I’m sure the Cardillo family wasn’t, to see Rep. Charles Rangel on the front page of the New York Post shedding his “crook-odile” tears.

Please remember to bring a toy to our December 2nd meeting. This is a good way to put a smile on the face of a child less fortunate.

Sunday, December 5th, is the date for the Shields annual children’s Christmas Party hosted by Mike Villa and his band of hardworking elves. All children, parents and grandparents are invited. Bob Forrester spoke to Santa and he promises to be there too. Remember to assist Santa by bringing a labeled wrapped gift for each child accompanying you.

Remember those who can’t join us this holiday season at home or abroad.

On behalf of your Board of Officers, have a Happy Thanksgiving, and a safe and prosperous holiday season.


Police Officers of the Month, November 2010

Thursday Dec.10,2009 started out as a normal workday for Sgt. Christopher Newsom a 17 year veteran of the NYPD it would turn out to be anything but normal. Normally Sgt. Newsom is assigned to a peddler enforcement unit working within the confines of the MTS precinct. His duties include the targeting of overly aggressive peddlers who prey on unsuspecting midtown shoppers and tourists to purchase their CD’s , using intimidation as one of their tactics. They will write the persons name on the CD and they say the person has to buy it now. Today Sgt. Newsom was reassigned to supervise the Pct. Anti-crime team. While on routine patrol Sgt. Newsom observed Raymond Martinez 25 years old in front of 1515 Broadway accompanied by his brother, both of these individuals were known to be aggressive peddlers with prior police contacts and the peddler unit.

Sgt. Newsom directed his team to conduct a stop of the pair, since they were observed attempting to sell their wares to pedestrians. The team initiated the stop and requested to see a NY State tax stamp; Martinez had previously been issued a summons for not having one. At that point Raymond Martinez fled the scene with Sgt. Newsom in a foot pursuit yelling “Stop Stop Show me your hands”. The pursuit led across 7th Ave. then north on 7th Ave. and west on W45St. This pursuit was taking place with scores of midtown shoppers and tourists watching and wondering if this was real or a possibly a movie being made. The chase ended suddenly in the driveway of the Hotel Marriot Marquis when Martinez turned and began firing at Sgt. Newsom with a Mac 10 machine pistol. He fired two shots before the gun jammed. As the perp turned and began firing Sgt. Newsom’s training kicked into high gear. He reacted to the threat to himself and to the throngs of pedestrian’s, he returned fire striking the perp four times, in the chest, collarbone and both arms. The perp was removed to Bellevue Hospital where he was pronounced DOA.

A subsequent investigation revealed the Mac 10 replica had been reported stolen from a car Oct. 28th in Richmond, Va., it also revealed some chilling secrets of the gunman. Among his personal effects was a business card with some words scrawled on it, “I just finished watching the Last Dragon. I feel sorry for a cop if he think I getting into his paddy wagon.” The 1985 movie The Last Dragon centers on a young man searching to obtain the final level of martial arts mastery. There is no doubt had it not been for his quick decisive action when confronted by an armed adversary there would have been innocent casualties on that midtown street. Sgt. Newsom knowingly put himself in harms way in the performance of his duties. For his bravery and cool calm decisive action we applaud him. His actions under fire are a reflection of his heroism and dedication to duty, bringing credit not only to him, but, to the entire NYPD.