President’s Message, June 2010

I will start this message by thanking all our members and friends who assisted us with the grave dressings at L.I. National Cemetery, and with security assistance at the Empire State Games for the Physically Challenged.

A special “Thank You” once again goes to John Misfud and his team of FBI Agents for their continuous invaluable help. Treasurer Rich Rottkamp and I recently had the honor to represent The Shields at The Nassau County Police and New York State Fraternal Order of Police Memorial ceremonies. It was a humbling experience.

Congratulations, to Shields Attorney Pete Cardalena, he was recently voted by the Student Government as the 2010 Professor of the Year at St. John’s University, College of Professional Studies.

Rich Rottkamp and his committee are planning the August 6th moonlight cruise boat ride. They promise a great time, and hopefully the weather will cooperate, and the evening will be as successful as previous cruises. Rich promises this year will be no different!

Lloyd asks me to remind you that if the label on your Call Box says 2009 or earlier this will be your last paper.

Our June 17th meeting will be Scholarship Awards presentation night. Join us to acknowledge the future of our country, as they receive their awards. Newly elected Nassau County Supervisor Ed Mangano has promised to be there to assist us with the presentations, and offer some words of encouragement to the students.

The Shields will also be presenting two very important awards that evening. Don’t miss it. Have a safe and fun filled summer.


Police Officers of the Month, June 2010

This evening we have the pleasure of honoring two police officers for their heroics. As we all here know heroics do not always involve a gun battle, or the big collar. Saving a young child’s life must be considered as great an achievement as any for each and every officer who has dreamed of entering law enforcement.

Our scenario begins on May 2, 2010 when Nassau County Police Officers Brian Shea and Daniel Corry received a radio call to aid a 4 year old child who was not breathing. En route to the call, the officers using forethought were already executing a strategy and had requested fellow officers to block certain intersections in anticipation of rapid transport of the aided to Nassau University Medical Center.

The officers arrived at the scene within 2 minutes and the child was not breathing and already staring to turn blue. The assessment of the officers was the child might be suffering anaphylactic shock and they immediately began rescue breathing. Within 6 minutes of arrival at the scene the officers loaded the child in a departmental ambulance which had arrived and the child was at the medical center within 13 minutes of receiving the initial call.

The child was rushed into the emergency room and handed over to medical personnel. After emergency care the child’s condition improved and the child was miraculously able to be released from the hospital the very next day in apparent good health.

This situation in it’s totality shows many fine attributes of these officers: their quick response, their ability to plan a strategy, the proper use of their police and medical training, and the ability to remain calm and clear headed in a potentially tragic situation.

The organization would like to show our appreciation for these heroic officers actions, and as such the Long Island Shields is proud to present the June 2010 Police Officer of the Month award to PO Brian Shea and PO Daniel Corry.