President’s Message, February 2010

Well the Super Bowl is over; I hope your team won. Now we can begin to pool our energies toward having a successful year for our organization.

2010 has started off good for the Shields. Your President had the honor of attending, as an invited guest the inauguration of the new Nassau County Executive Ed Mangano and the swearing in ceremony of both Hempstead Supervisor Kate Murray and Councilman Gary Hudes. All are Honorary Members of the Long Island Shields.

Henry Melchiona, Ret. PO, will be having a memorial mass on Sunday, February 28, in memory of the 40th anniversary of the 1970 line of duty death of his brother PO Michael Melchiona(NYCTPD). The mass will be celebrated at 2:00PM in St. Joseph’s RC Church 46 Church Street Ronkonoma. If you can attend please call Hank a (631)467-6091 or, so he can arrange for the collation following mass.

On Tuesday, January 12, a group of Shields members and friends attended the N.Y. Islander/ Detroit Red Wing hockey game at Nassau Coliseum. Most of us left satisfied, as the Islanders won 6-0. Hopefully more members and friends will join us next year.

In recapping 2009 I must mention how thankful we are to Mike and Noele Villa for their commitment in once again making the annual children’s Christmas party such a success. As always Santa made an appearance to the delight of all the children an adults present. It was great to see Tom Soluri, who is recovering nicely from the Wantagh boat tragedy, join us at the party.

In closing don’t forget our next meeting will be Thursday, February 25

As always please keep in your prayers our fighting men and women, who are defending our freedoms!


Police Officers of the Month, February 2010

As members of a fraternal police organization, we meet for several reasons. Sometimes, we meet to recognize members of the police family for outstanding acts of heroism or other acts worthy of recognition. Sometimes, we gather to mourn the loss of one of our members. Tonight is bittersweet, we meet for both of those reasons. We will recognize six members of the New York City Police Department for their outstanding work in the investigation of a heinous crime , resulting in several arrests. We also gather because the victim of that crime is a member of our extended police family.

We will read a short synopsis of the incident. It is very important to point out that this is still a very active investigation. In order to preserve the integrity of this investigation and not compromise any subsequent prosecution, We will only give a very brief account of the details of the incident.

On September 9, 2009 at approximately 2200 hrs. Gerardo Antoniello 29 years old was shot and killed inside the home he shared with his parents in Howard Beach in the confines of the 106 Pct. He went to the front door to greet his father , Bartolomeo, who was arriving home from his place of business, Romeo’s Pizza , after a day at work. As Mr. Antoniello entered his residence, two males followed him in, attempting to commit a home invasion robbery. One male struck him in head with a handgun knocking him to the floor. Gerardo seeing this immediately came to his father’s defense in an effort to terminate the attack. He fought with both perpetrators, was knocked to the floor and shot as he lay injured on the floor. The perpetrators fled the scene empty handed.

News of the incident spread quickly, word quickly circulated the victim was the brother of a MOS, P.O Carmine Antoniello of the QNTF. While any homicide is tragic because it involves the loss of life, this one was personal, it was one of our own, a member of the extended police family. Police Officers and Detectives from the NYPD, Federal agents from the FBI, DEA and the US Marshals Service all responded offering their assistance and resources. Egos and interagency rivalries which sometimes get in the way would be put aside , this was one of our own a member of the police family, this was personal. The tireless efforts and cooperation of all agencies would soon bring results. The work of all the individuals, while too numerous to name is a credit to them and the agencies they represent.

On December 22, 2009, two individuals Rashod Cowan of Manhattan and Jason Burrell of Brooklyn were arrested and charged with Murder. This still remains an active investigation.

To the Antoniello Family who so graciously accepted our invitation to be here tonight , on behalf of the Long Island Shields I offer our sincere condolences on the loss of your son and brother Gerry. While I never knew him I know he was a fine young man who heroically gave his life in defense of his family . We also feel his loss as a member of the police family and salute him for his actions. We hope you are able to find some solace in the arrest, prosecution and ultimate conviction of all the perpetrators of this terrible crime.

At this time I would ask the following members of the New York City Police Department to join me at the dais.

  • Lt. Stephen Borchers – 106 Det Sqd.
  • Det. William LoSchiavo – 106 Det Sqd.
  • Det. Dennis Broderick – Qns Homicide T/F
  • Det. David Moser – Qns Homicide T/F
  • Det.Keith Welz – Qns Homicide T/F
  • Det. John Trapani Organized Crime Drug Enforcement Strike Force

To the honorees, on behalf of the LI Shields I would like to offer our thanks and appreciation for a job well done. Your extraordinary efforts deserve recognition. You and your colleagues in the NYPD, FBI, DEA and the US Marshals Service have brought credit upon yourselves and the agencies you represent. You all have displayed a level of professionalism and devotion to duty that is exceptional and brings honor to all of us in the law enforcement community.