President’s Message, December 2009

I guess the “saying better late than never” was never put to better use than in the case of Shields member and friend Randy Jurgensen,(Ret. Det. NYPD) who was recently honored on Veteran’s Day 2009. He was presented with The Purple Heart at West Point for his actions in the Korean War (the forgotten war) during the 1953 battle for Pork Chop Hill.

As you read this newsletter I know that Mike Villa and his committee will be putting the finishing touches on our 2009 Children’s Holiday Party on December 6th. It’s still not too late to take advantage of this happy/joyous party. Fill out the coupon found in this paper and get it back to Mike with any applicable payment before the deadline.

I recently had an embarrassing situation occur at BJ’s Wholesale Club. I went there to renew our organization’s membership, only to learn that it had been suspended due to a $29.13 unpaid gas bill at their Freeport store on November 3rd. I’m sure someone simply forgot to pay. Please take care when you are using something in the Shields name, because misuse can only bring embarrassment to our organization. Hopefully, this situation will shortly be rectified.

Membership Chairman Lloyd Thomason requests that you fill out your membership application when returning your 2010 dues, so the proper account can be credited. Lloyd also asks that you put your name on the windfall tickets, because any blank tickets drawn will default to the Shields.

Thanks to Joe Wolff, he filled in for our guest speaker at the October meeting. He gave us an education of the history of the NYPD Traffic Squad Benevolent Association. Good job, Joe!

Remember Tuesday, January 12th the Shields will be attending the Islander Detroit Red Wing hockey game. There are a few tickets left, hope you and your family can join us. (see page 7 for details).

Since this is the last Call Box in 2009, I would like to take this opportunity to THANK our many loyal members and friends for their continued friendships and support throughout the past and hopefully future years. You are the ones that make this the fine organization that it is.

Have a Happy Thanksgiving, joyous Chanukah, Merry Christmas and a healthy and prosperous New Year. If you can’t attend the December 3rd meeting, hopefully we’ll see you February 2010.

Remember to keep the men and women who defend our freedoms in your prayers.


Police Officers of the Month, December 2009

On Sunday Oct, 4 2009 PO Derek Warner and PO Daniel Weiler of the Hempstead Police Dept were assigned to Chief Wing’s highly successful Terrace Ave/Bedell St Initiative from 1300-2100 hrs. This program is largely aimed at cleaning up illegal drug activity at what might be the most infamous intersection in Nassau County.

At approximately 1530 hrs while conducting surveillance they observed an emotionally disturbed person climbing a telephone pole at the corner of Terrace and Bedell. The EDP, who was high on angel dust, then fell from the pole to the ground. The police officers immediately called for an ambulance and further assistance. While waiting for the ambulance to arrive, the drug impaired EDP got a sudden burst of adrenaline and took off down Terrace Ave and ran into number 139.

PO’s Warner and Weiler pursued the disturbed subject and they were now assisted by Sgt Edward Hayman and Det Thomas Durnan. The subject was followed to the roof of the building where he began to climb a fence in an attempt to jump off of the building. The officers were able to pull the EDP off the fence and to safety despite him struggling. The subject continued to violently resist the officers whose goal was to subdue him for his safety and transport him for medical assistance.

The EDP’s actions escalated placing all parties in danger and eventually led to his having to be Tased twice by Sgt Hayman. He was subsequently subdued and transported to a local hospital for evaluation and treatment. As police officers we all know how dangerous scenarios such as these can get. When dealing with EDP’s situations are ever changing and can escalate quickly without any warning. This fact has recently been highlighted with the unfortunate incident where NYPD ESU officers attempted to subdue and Tase an EDP in Brooklyn.

These officers recognized tonight conducted themselves in a brave, yet compassionate manor, remaining calm in a ever escalating situation aa they relied on their police knowledge and training to subdue the EDP. Thereby, the officers were able to protect the public from such a person and protect the EDP from himself. As a result of such actions the Long Island Shields is proud to present the Police Officer of the Month award to Sgt Edward Hayman, Det Thomas Durnan, PO Derek Warner and PO Daniel Weiler.