President’s Message, October 2009

I would like to thank our September guest speaker Ed Mangano, candidate for Nassau Executive, for taking the time to share his plans for Nassau County if elected.

Due to the United Nations opening session, our Police Officers from the NYPD’S Emergency Services were unable to attend the meeting. They will be honored at our October 29th meeting along with to the October honorees.

Don’t forget that Sunday December 6th, is the date of this years Shields Annual Children’s Christmas Party. Mike Villa and his assistants are hard at work planning another enjoyable function for our members, their children, and grandchildren.

Great job done by John Colorundo, running our annual golf outing at Fernwood Hotel & Resort. A good time was had by all who attended this event. Thanks John!

It was good to see that we once again got thank you letters from all of our scholarship winners. Please keep in touch and let us know how you are doing.

Thursday’s meeting will be the start of our annual toy collection for less fortunate children. Please remember to bring a toy.

Remember in your prayers our caterer Tom Soluri and his wife Laura, both seriously injured in the recent Wantagh boating accident.

Don’t forget that Tuesday, November 3rd is Election Day on Long Island; remember to exercise your right to vote. Many incompetent were elected because some of us choose to stay home.

Never forget, to say a prayer for the many men and women who are defending our country and its freedoms every day.

Happy Thanksgiving, to you and your family. Stay safe!


Police Officer of the Month, October 2009

The Long Island Shields are proud to present our Police Officer of the Month Award to both Sergeant Michael McGuinness and Detective Sean Soler of the New York City Police Department’s Emergency Service Unit. These men met a crisis with cool heads and quick action. They saved a man from losing his hand. The Long Island Shields are proud to salute them tonight.

After nearly severing his right hand with a power saw, 47 year old Daniel Dunphy was being transported by ferry from Governor’s Island when Sergeant McGuinness and Detective Soler were alerted to his situation. They rushed from mid town to meet the boat at the ferry terminal in Manhattan. Mr. Dunphy was accompanied on the ferry by Martin Garvey, a retired NYPD Emergency Service Sergeant, and Mr. Dunphy’s fellow workers. When the officers met Mr. Dunphy, he was bleeding profusely from a deep arterial laceration. Sergeant McGuinness and Detective Soler determined that despite the valiant efforts by the construction workers and 1st Precinct personnel, Mr. Dunphy was experiencing shock due to extensive blood loss.

Detective Soler, a Tactical Medic, requested permission from Dr. Charles Martinez, a Department Surgeon and its Tactical Medical Coordinator, to administer a powdery substance, called ‘QuickClot’, which is capable of stanching severe bleeding. The Emergency Service Unit’s Tactical Medics have been trained to use this substance, especially in the treatment of uniformed members of the service suffering from severe injuries or hemorrhaging.

Detective Soler successfully applied the QuickClot, and Mr. Dunphy was stabilized and transported to Bellevue Hospital for further medical treatment. According to the hospital’s trauma surgeons, the use of the clotting agent was indeed successful in stopping the bleeding, thus preventing further injury.

This incident is significant in that it marked the first time that QuickClot was administered by members of this Department. In rendering aid to an injured civilian in grave danger of bleeding to death, Sergeant McGuinness and Detective Soler proved the value of their training. They demonstrated the highest level of skill and professionalism as first responders. Congratulations on a job well done!

Because of the facts and circumstances of the incident, and the quick response and expertise of said officers, it is the honor and privilege of the Long Island Shields to present our Police Officer of the Month Award to Sergeant Michael McGuinness and Detective Sean Soler.