President’s Message, November 2008

I guess I don’t have to go to Pennsylvania or New England to see the colorful falling leaves, I only have to look out to my backyard.

It was good to see a great number of attendees at the 20th Anniversary Memorial Mass celebrated October 17th at St. Elizabeth’s RC Church remembering slain PO’s Christopher G. Hoban and Michael J. Buczek.

Congratulations to my good friend, Charlie Caputo, recently re-elected as President of the New York State Fraternal Order of Police.

Good job by John Colorundo running our Annual Golf Outing at Fernwood. It would have been nice if he had gotten more support, but his efforts did not go unnoticed.

I can’t say enough about last month’s speaker Colonel Matthew Bogdannos, USMC who held our undivided attention throughout his interesting and highly informative presentation. Great job by Joe Wolff!

If you are interested in serving on the Shields 2009/10 Board contact Rich Rottkamp or any member of his Nominating Committee prior to our November 6th meeting.

Remember on November 4th we will be electing a new President. Please take care when voting and remember that November 11th is Veteran’s Day, when we will honor all those who have served in the armed forces protecting our country.

Don’t forget Daylight Savings Time ends on November 2nd.

Hope we see you at the November 6th meeting.


Police Officers of the Month, November 2008

One evening Alicia Biondo was working at the Dunkin Donuts when she received a phone call from Joshua Cohen, the father of her 11 month old daughter Evelynn. Joshua was babysitting the child while Alicia was at work. He told Alicia that the baby was having difficulty breathing. At her request, Joshua brought the child the short distance to her job. An ambulance was called and the child was rushed to Brookhaven Memorial Hospital.

After hours of testing, doctors determined the child was bleeding internally. Her condition was critical and she was transferred to the Pediatric Intensive Care Unit of the hospital of the State University at Stony Brook. There was no explanation offered for the onset of this condition, so Brookhaven Hospital staff notified Child Protective Services. C.P.S. immediately notified the Special Victim Section, Suffolk County Detective Amy Goldstein was assigned to investigate.

Detective Goldstein assisted by Detective Sharon Redmond went to Stony Brook University Hospital . After conferring with the medical staff, Det. Goldstein and Det. Redmond interviewed Joshua. Utilizing their investigative and interviewing skills developed over their police careers, the detectives were skillfully able to elicit from Joshua a precise and detailed account of the abuse that Evelynn suffered by his hand earlier that evening.

Joshua revealed to Detectives Goldstein and Redmond that to stop the baby’s crying, he knocked the child off the bed to the floor, he kicked her head several times and when that didn’t work, he shook her violently. It was after being shaken that Evelynn’s breathing difficulty began.

Det. Goldstein and Redmond’s skill, patience and professionalism not only established a criminal case against a child abuser, it provided the treating physicians with an explanation of her injuries needed for her continued care.

Doctors placed Evelynn on a ventilator and induced a coma to suppress her convulsions and to give her brain a chance to heal. She did improve and was released from the hospital after 13 days. Doctors believed she sustained significant neurological damage, but the extent of that damage and the effect it will have on her future may take years to assess.

Joshua Cohen was indicted for three counts of Assault 1st degree. He remains in custody at the Suffolk County Jail with bail set at Five hundred thousand dollars.

Because of the above facts and circumstances it is an honor and privilege for the Long Island Shields to present the Police Officer of the Month Award to Detectives Amy Goldstein and Sharon Redmond of the Suffolk County Police Department.