2007 Scholarship Winners

The following students were chosen as scholarship winners at our May 11th meeting, they will be presented with their awards at the June 28, 2007 meeting.

  • Michael Oliva – Ptl. Phil Cardillo Memorial
  • Michael McGarry – PO. George Scheu Memorial
  • George Froelich Jr. – Walter Schilt Memorial
  • William Rottkamp – Hugh T Kelleher Memorial
  • Kerriann Soricelli – Edward P. Henson Memorial

Police Officers of the Month, September 2007

While on patrol, Suffolk County Police Officer Chris Germano observed heavy smoke and flames emanating from a residence. He immediately notified headquarters, requesting fire department and assist units to the scene. Officer Germano proceeded to alert residents and evacuated them from the burning building.

Starting from the front door, working his way to the rear and basement areas. He was able to quickly and safely evacuate 23 people who were asleep within the residence. Upon arrival at the scene the supervisor observed that the structure was fully engulfed and that Officer Germano had safely gathered all the evacuees together, and verified that the house was in fact, no longer occupied.

One fire chief at the scene commented that Officer Germano had saved the lives of everyone in the house. Investigation by the Arson Squad revealed that the fire was intentionally set and one of the residents was the intended target of arson.

Officer Germano’s alert patrol observation of a working house fire, his quick actions and disregard for his own personal safety were directly responsible for saving the lives of 23 people. Reflect the highest standards of the Suffolk County Police Department.

The Long Island Shields are proud to select, Suffolk County Police Officer Christopher Germano as September’s Police Officer of the Month.