Police Officer of the Month, June 2007

Tonight we honor as our Police Officer of the Month, Detective John Steadman and Detective Dean Steinmann of the Port Washington Police Department.

Port Washington Narcotics Unit, Detective John Steadman and Detective Dean Steinmann developed information that a male subject from New York City was delivering cocaine to Port Washington residents on a daily basis. It was determined through investigative means that some of these subjects were redistributing the cocaine to even more residents in Port Washington.

The detectives developed information that led them to believe that the target of the investigation was delivering in excess of a quarter of a kilo into the area and that this was a large drug organization.

Port Washington detectives setup surveillance and discovered the target was operating a motor vehicle with a New York registration of big anti.

The subject was further identified as a Queens resident. The Port Washington detectives conducted numerous operations and it was determined that the subject was dealing cocaine to more than ten people from Port Washington and the surrounding area. The surveillances were conducted on a around the clock basis.The cocaine was delivered to businesses and residents on the street.

The narcotics unit contacted the New York field office of the drug enforcement agency, Group D35 and a joint DEA/Port Washington PD investigation was established.

Port Washington Police Narcotics Detectives along with Group D35 conducted surveillances in the month of April and May 2006.

After these numerous surveillances it was determined that the organization was much larger than originally thought. At one point in the investigation two packages estimated at a quarter kilo of cocaine each were videotaped being thrown from the supplier’s car into the main subjects vehicle. A meeting was setup with the US Attorney’s Office and it was determined that a title three wiretap would be the best way to continue this investigation.

Operation Black Flag was set in motion. The investigation continued for ten months and included fifteeen title three wiretaps.

As a result of the Title Three Wiretaps and an uncountable amount of surveillances numerous targets from New York, many eastern states and Columbia South America were identified and arrested.

The case included the arrest of a Columbian male residing in Fresh Meadows, Queens. This subject and his partner had a direct connection to Columbia and imported cocaine and heroin in to the United States via Miami and Mexico.

Up until now, these Port Washington narcotics detectives and the DEA have arrested twenty three people, seized twenty six kilos of cocaine, two point five kilos of heroin, in excess of $275,000 dollars, and seized two residences and thirteen vehicles.

Detectives John Steadman and Dean Steinmann of the Port Washington Police Narcotics Unit along with the dea, Unit D35, are continuing this investigation and currently developing leads in this investigation that are now branching off in foreign countries. At the present time these Detectives along with the DEA are attempting to extradite a Columbian drug lord who will have to face cocaine and heroin conspiracy charges here in the United States.

The Shields of Long Island are proud to name Detective John Steadman and Detective Dean Steinmann of the Port Washington Police Department as our Police Officers of the Month.