Police Officer of the Month, March 2007

Tonight we honor as our police officer of the month, detective Glen Bartlett and Sergeant Peter Lynch of the Old Brookville Police Department.

Beginning in the summer of 2005, the Old Brookville Police Department began experiencing a pattern of residential daytime burglaries. Several of these burglaries occurred during a very small time frame while the homeowner ran an errand.

It appeared to investigators that the perpetrators had observed the homeowner drive away and if there were no other vehicles parked at the residence, the residence would be burglarized.

The investigation of the burglary pattern eventually led Old Brookville detectives to conclude that an eastern European gypsy burglary ring being operated out of Brooklyn were responsible.

The individuals associated with this burglary ring were conducting similar types of burglaries throughout the United States under various fictitious names. Many of these individuals had extensive criminal records and when arrested would provide forged identification documents, post bail, flee the jurisdiction, and assume a new identity.

During June 2006 a resident of Old Brookville observed a female enter her home through an unlocked rear door.

A friend of the homeowner had just driven out of her driveway leaving the home to appear unoccupied. The homeowner confronted the female in her kitchen and the female stated she worked nearby and was looking for her dog. When questioned further the female fled the residence and was picked up a short distance away by her male accomplice whom she had contacted via a two-way radio.

The homeowner notified the Old Brookville Police Department with a description of the female and the vehicle.

The units that had been assigned to burglary patrols in the vicinity quickly located the subject’s vehicle. Detective Glen Bartlett attempted to stop the subject’s vehicle and a pursuit subsequently ensued.

Sergeant Peter Lynch joined in the pursuit and observed the subject’s vehicle slow down and after what appeared to be a brief struggle in the vehicle, the male driver forcibly pushed the female out of the moving vehicle, causing her to fall along the shoulder of the roadway. Sergeant Lynch stopped and quickly placed the female under arrest.

A short time later, Detective Bartlett with the assistance of several marked Old Brookville police units were able to stop the vehicle and place the male subject under arrest.

Detective Bartlett, who had been detailed to the ad-hoc task force of federal and New York City police personnel, immediately recognized both individuals as members of the gypsy burglary ring he was investigating and determined that the passports they produced were forged.

Further investigation revealed the female subject was wanted in Connecticut on an outstanding warrant and was a suspect in several other Connecticut burglaries.

The Nassau County police department has also charged the female with several south shore burglaries.

Both of these subjects are previously deported felons, both have extensive criminal histories spanning the United States and both have been arrested under at least two dozen fictitious names.

These two individuals, when place under arrest, assumed they would be arraigned under their latest fictitious names on a burglary charge and would be granted bail as they have routinely been in the past.

But, because of the arresting officer’s extensive knowledge of this widespread burglary pattern, quick actions affecting their arrest and subsequent follow-up with the district attorney’s office these officers were able to foil that plan.

To acknowledge their professionalism and expertise in police work while utilizing their knowledge about a crime pattern affecting their local police department and the entire tri-state area.

The Shields of Long Island are proud to name Detective Glen Bartlett and Sergeant Peter Lynch as our Police Officers of the Month.