President’s Message, February 2007

Welcome back, I hope that you had a safe and healthy holiday season, now it’s time to get back to Shields business.

First I would like to thank Nassau’s Deputy Commissioner of Consumer Affairs James Reed, for his informative & interesting talk at our last meeting. Mr. Reed alerted our members of the ease and dangers of identity theft, plus the effect it can have on an individual and family.

I would also like to take this opportunity to thank Tim Connolly Jr., President Rockland County Shields, for the hospitality extended to me when I recently had the pleasure to attend their meeting in January as a guest.

Good job by Sean and Neil with the Children’s Christmas Party, and special thanks to Bob Forrester for getting Santa to the party.

Don’t forget to check the scholarship and special child award applications on pages 3 and 7 of this edition of the Call Box. Chairman, 2nd Vice President Mike Villa is waiting to hear from you. While you’re at it check page 15 for a slight change in a By Law, and for a look at the “Help A Member” program that we are trying to start. New Board Member Jack D’Arcy deserves credit for this initiative.

I’m glad to report that Randy Jurgenson’s book Circle of Six went to a second printing. Randy’s book will be on sale at upcoming meetings, and Randy will be at our June scholarship presentation meeting to personally autograph any books purchased. Amazing isn’t it that it only took over 30 years for Phil’s assassination to finally get the publicity it deserved.

Don’t forget our meeting scheduled for Thursday March 1st, try to be there.

Remember the men & women who defend our country every day. Stay safe.