2006 Scholarship Winners

The following students were chosen as scholarship winners at our May 11th meeting, they will be presented with their awards at the June 22, 2006 meeting.

  • Katie Moran – Ptl. Phil Cardillo Memorial
  • Steven D’Arcy – NY Law Enforcement Foundation
  • Shannon Lively – Walter Schilt Memorial
  • Denise Mulhall – Edward P Henson, Sr. Memorial
  • Elizabeth Murphy – Hugh T Kelleher Memorial
  • Blake Kellminson – Brian Aarons Memorial
  • Patrick Delargy – PO George Scheu Memorial
  • Emma McGarry – LI Shields
  • Roderick Covington, Jr. – Arthur Van Pelt Memorial
  • Adam Spieler – Nassau Police Reserve

President’s Message, September 2006

Welcome back, for the second half of 2006. I hope that the summer was enjoyable for you and your family, now back to organization business. I am pleased to report that the new scholarship presentation format seemed to work well, as nine of the ten winners were able to attend our June meeting. Chairman Mike Villa die a great job organizing the whole program, so I would like to acknowledge him for his efforts. Thanks Mike.

I would like to take this opportunity to introduce to the membership James G. Anderson, Pastor of the Faith Evangelical Lutheran Church as our newest organizational Chaplain. Welcome aboard.

The August boat ride was probably the best ever, the weather was great, the food was plentiful and delicious, and the band Usual Suspects, had the crowd up dancing and singing all night. Rich and his workers did a fantastic job, hope we see you next year.

I would like to personally thank Nelson Doanes, and the National Police Support Network, for honoring Rich Rottkamp and myself at their June Dinner/Dance, it was truly an honor and deeply appreciated.

Remember the current board’s term of office expires at the end of December. So if you’re interested in possibly becoming a board member, contact one of the nominating committee members; Rich Rottkamp, Bob Forrester, Frank Lawlor Joe Murray or Joe Wolff prior to the September 14th meeting.

Don’t forget our September 24-25 golf outing, further information is available on page 7 of this paper. You’ll have a great time if you attend, and the money goes to the previously mentioned scholarship program.

Special thanks to Todd Cardillo for taking the time to attend the June meeting and present his father’s scholarship. Thanks ti Randy Jurgensen for his riveting account of the infamous “Mosque Incident”. Randy’s book “Circle of Six” will soon be available, pick up a copy, you’ll find it informative and interesting.

Please note the change in meeting dates. This was done to accommodate other organizations and avoid a conflict.

Hope we see you at the Stuart Thomas Manor on September 14th. Take carew be safe and wear your vest.


Police Officers of the Month, September 2006

On March 2, 2006 at 3:59 A.M. Police Officers James Skidmore and Stephen Krolikiewicz responded to a residence on Franklin Avenue in Mastic to assist a 10 month old female child who had difficulty breathing due to an asthmatic condition.

Afer responding to the frantic mother’s 91 call P.O. Skidmore looked at his partner and they instinctively knew they had precious minutes to get the child to the hospital. Upon the officers arrival they found the child blue an not breathing. They transported the child themselves from the family’s home to Brookhaven Memorial Hospital.

P.O. Krolikiewicz drove the radio car while P.O. Skidmore administered CPR to the infant. While officer Krolikiewicz was driving as fast as possible, lights an sirens blaring, O.O. Skidmore cradled the baby on her chest and blowing air into her mouth. The baby’s mothers sat in the back seat calling her daughter’s name pleading for her to breathe.

Suddenly, as they neared the hospital in East Patchogue, Amee let out a yelp and kicked her legs as she apparently began to regain her breath. It took seven minutes from Amee’s home to bring her to the hospital where she was stabilized.

Amee was transferred to Stony Brook University Hospital where she was in guarded condition. P.O. Skidmore said he felt relieved and thought about his own children when he later saw Amee looking around and tugging at the tubes in her mouth.

In view of the facts on this incident and after speaking with the officers involved, it is the honor and privilege to present the Long Island Shields Police Officer of the Month Award for September 2006 to Police Officers James Skidmore and Stephen Krolikiewicz of the Suffolk County Police Department.