President’s Message, June 2006

Congratulations to the 10 scholarship winners who were chosen at the May 11th meeting, good luck in all your future endeavors. Thank you to our many generous friends and members who made these awards possible.

Pete Cardalena, informs us that NYPD service retirees who are presently receiving the Defined Benefit (VSF) – when they become eligible for COLA, have the COLA amount deducted from their Defined Benefit payment. But in 2007 service retirees who have reached 62 years of age will no longer have the COLA payments deducted from their Defined Benefit payment.

Many thanks to the members and friends, who took the time either to help us place flags on the graves of the veteran’s buried in Long Island National Cemetery or worked security at the Empire State Games for the Physically Challenged, your efforts were noticed and greatly appreciated.

Since this is the last Call Box before the summer break, remember Rich Rottkamp and his committee are planning the annual boat ride for Friday August 11th, and our 2 day golf outing for Sunday/Monday, September 24 & 25 at the Villa Roma, they have assured us that the recent fire will not have an effect on our outing.

Being an election year, and anticipating a turn over of Shields Board members, I have asked Rich to chair the 2007/08 nominating committee, Joe Wolff will be the other board representative. I have nominated from the membership, Joe Murray, Bob Forrester and Frank Lawlor . If you are interested in running let them know, sometimes change is good.

I am very proud to announce that the National Police Support Network, Nelson Doanes President/Founder, have chosen to honor Rich Rottkamp and “yours truly” at their June 29th Dinner/Dance, also being honored will be Chief Michael Scagnelli, NYPD and from the Finest Foundation, L I Shields Honorary Member Shelly Goldfedder. It is truly an honor to be recognizes with these distinguished gentlemen. Thank You.

Don’t forget. (Ret. Det. NYPD) Randy Jurgensen, who was there at the Mosque in 1972 will be our June guest speaker, and tell it, like it is. Phil Cardillo’s son Todd will also be there to present his father’s scholarship, let him know we haven’t forgotten.

Have a safe and pleasant summer. Thank’s for the continued support. Wear your vest.


Police Officer of the Month, June 2006

We honor as our Police Officers of the Month, Detectives Robert Hillman and Manuel Nash of the Robbery Squad, Nassau County Police Department and from the Floral Park Police Department, Police Officers William Doherty and Kimberly Scanlon.

Beginning in March of 2004 a male described as of Indian origin, six feet tall, in his thirties driving a tan or beige Toyota Camry, robbed twelve Nassau County banks. He produced demand notes along with zippered or draw string type bags and demanded the tellers place the money and the notes in the bags and then return them to him or as he stated he would shoot them in the face. In two of the cases he showed a handgun in his waistband.

Stakeouts and extensive media coverage failed to stop this individual from continuing his robbery spree. He would strike between 9 am and 1130 am in the middle of the week.

On Wednesday, May 18, Detectives Hillman and Nash were assigned to stakeout banks in the Floral Park. At about 1015 hours they observed a vehicle matching the subject vehicle parked on Hinsdale Avenue in Floral Park, in close proximity to the Citibank on Jericho Turnpike.

The detectives parked their unmarked vehicle in front of the subjects vehicle in an attempt to prevent him from fleeing.

They then exited their vehicle and approached the occupant. Their intention was to identify the occupant and possibly prevent another bank robbery. Detective Hillman approached from the drivers side while Detective Nash took the passenger side. The driver did not respond to Detective Hillman’s commands to turn off the vehicle and show his hands, which appeared to be in the area of his lap.

Detective Hillman opened the drivers door and observed a silver automatic handgun on the floor of the vehicle between the subjects feet, Detective Hillman reached in, removed the handgun placing it on the roof of the vehicle.

As this was occurring Detective Nash positioned himself on the drivers side of the car to prevent a possible crossfire. When commanded again to shut off the car and exit said vehicle the subject answered “no” and instead deliberately cut the wheel and drove at Detective Nash.

Both detectives commenced firing their weapons at the subject. The vehicle narrowly missed Detective Nash and then continued over the roads center median heading south to Jericho Turnpike.

The vehicle turned into the parking lot of the Citibank and came to a stop. The detectives had made notifications to communications bureau and there were 911 calls from witnesses who had observed the struggle which alerted Floral Park Police Officer William Doherty to respond to the Citibank. The call was for possible shots fired.

Officer Doherty observed the subject’s vehicle in the parking lot and was joined by Police Officer Kimberly Scanlon, as they confronted the subject and wrestled him to the ground.

The subject had been struck three times by the detective’s gun fire but was still able to attempt to flee.

He was charged with attempted murder of a police officer, attempted robbery and upon further investigation numerous bank robberies.

Due to their professionalism, training and restraint brought this robbery pattern to a successful ending.

Floral Park Police Officers Doherty and Scanlon responded to a dangerous, violent assignment subduing an out of control subject while assisting another police department in arresting this violent offender.

The actions of these police officers and detectives exemplifies police work at it’s best and department cooperation at it’s finest.

The Shields of Long Island are pound to name Floral Park Police Officer’s William Doherty, Kimberly Scanlon and Nassau County Police Department Robbery Squad Detectives Robert Hillman and Manuel Nash as our Police Officers of the Month.