President’s Message, April 2006

I know it has been almost three months since we last met, so I would like to take this opportunity to wish you a belated Happy 2006. I hope you didn’t think that we would get through the winter without a little snow, I guess we paid the price for a great January.

As I stated in previous editions of the Call Box, the new application for the 2005/06 scholarship drawings can be found on page #7 of this edition. This one time only we will be drawing awards for 2 years 05/06, because we didn’t have a drawing last year. If you have any questions see Mike Villa, or call the Shields office. Hopefully this change will help to have the award winners at the June meeting, so the membership can honor them.

Rich Rottkamp and I recently had the pleasure to spend an evening with Todd Cardillo, his lovely wife Deanna and their children, at a recent Christmas party. It was an evening we will not easily forget, Phil and Joyce have a lot to be proud of.

Thanks to NYS FOP Executive Vice President Charlie Caputo for updating the members on the status of HR 218 at our last meeting, Charlie has promised to keep us informed. Many thanks to Paul Hastings and Ian Lennon of The Wounded Warrior Project for their inspirational talk and work.

For your information; effective January 14th cell phone numbers are being released to telemarketers. To prevent them from harassing you call from your cell phone (888) 382-1222, or go online to This is the National Do Not Call list, and should block your number for 5 years.

Once again, the Shields Children’s Christmas Party was a huge success, thanks to the work of Sean Kelleher and Neil Delargy. Thanks guys !

Please remember in your prayers the too many Police Officers who have recently made the Ultimate Sacrifice, protecting a sometime thankless society. Also don’t forget the men and women who are fighting to defend this great country of ours.