Police Officer of the Month, March 2006

On Sunday, July 17, at approximately 1:30 A.M. Kevin Davy was observed in front of St. Joachim and Anne Church Hollis, Queens. Mr. Davy was observed to have struck a statue of St. Anne and the Virgin Mary several times with a long blunt metal object. He then departed from the location returning several minutes later with a 12 gauge shotgun which he discharged several times towards the statue. Mr. Davy again walked away from the location while carrying and playing his “boombox” loudly, Mr. Davy was yelling, “I won, I won” and “I’m a hustler…I’m a warrior.”

Again he walked in front of the church and discharged the shotgun, this time causing the head of St. Anne to separate from the statue. Mr. Davy then walked north on 217th Lane and was observed reloading the shotgun.

Police Officers David Harris and Dominick Romano responded to calls of shots fired originally described as occurring at Hollis Ave. and Robard Lane. During their initial canvas for a suspect, Officer Romano transmitted a description over the radio of a male wearing a white shirt and blue jeans observed to be armed with a shotgun. Officer Harris, who was the RMP operator at the time, parked the vehicle approximately one and a half blocks from where Mr. Davy was initially observed reloading his shotgun. Mr. Davy then charged towards the officers yelling “I will shoot you” then discharged the shotgun at Officer Harris three times as he was exiting the RMP. Officer Harris was struck in the right thigh and collapsed into the street. Officer Romano exited the RMP from the passengers side and was shot and wounded in his head, neck, and shoulder area immediately. Mr. Davy reportedly turned his weapon towards Officer Romano again discharging the shotgun approximately 2 or 3 times in the Officer’s direction. While Mr. Davy continued to fire towards Officer Romano, Officer Harris, although wounded, discharged his service weapon, emptying his weapon and striking Mr. Davy 4 times. The suspect received injuries to his right shoulder, upper arm, upper back, ankle and right arm. The officers were taken to Long Island Jewish Hospital via RMP where they were admitted in serious but stable condition. Since the incident the officers have been released from the hospital and still are recovering from their wounds at home.

In view of the above facts and circumstances the Long Island Shields are proud to present the Cop of the Month award for the month of March, 2006 to Police Officers David Harris and Dominick Romano.