President’s Message, December 2005

I wish to acknowledge the retiree’s of the 28 Pct, and their representative Laurie Malloy, for their donation to our Ptl. Phil Cardillo scholarship fund. On behalf of The Shields and Cardillo family “Thank You”

I would also like to thank the many members and friends who attended our dinner/dance on October 29. Because of your support we will be able to present checks to the N Y PBA Widow’s and Survivor’s fund, and Nelson Dones National Support Network at the December 8, meeting.

Retired Capt. (NYPD) and the author of “The Electric Sewer” Bob Cohen was an entertaining speaker at our last meeting, Joe Wolff has promised more of the same at our next meeting.

Don’t forget our popular Children’s Holiday party is scheduled for Sunday, December 11, the application is on page 7.

Please don’t forget to bring a toy to our December meeting for a less fortunate child. You’ll feel better for it!

It seems the Washington, D.C. Metro Police have scheduled a walk in exam @ John Jay on December 9 – 10, no age limit, and laterals are welcome. For information; call (202) 727-2767.

This holiday season don’t forget the men and women who are protecting our country, and our many friends and loved one’s who are no longer with us. On behalf of The Shields and my family, please have a safe and healthy holiday, and may all you dreams be fulfilled!

Take care. We’ll see you in 2006, if you’re not there December 8th.


Police Officer of the Month, December 2005

On March 22, 2005 Police Officers Robert Burns and Shannon Pearl were assigned to 113 Pct. SNEU in unmarked auto 8417.At about 1940 hrs. the officers responded to a 10-39 (threats to life-man with a gun) at 185-31 Ilion Ave. Once at the location the officers were met by a complainant who furnished them with a description of a male who had simulated a firearm in his waistband and threatened to shoot the complainant minutes in the past. The officers began an immediate canvass of the area.

Moments later, the officers observed a male fitting the description on Dunkirk St. and Elmira Ave. As the officers exited their vehicle the male turned to face them blading his body to the right. The officers approached on foot with P.O. Burns being in closer proximity to the subject. When Officer Burns got within a few feet the male produced a carpet knife, lunged forward and began striking P.O. Burns about the head area with the handle of the knife and slashing at Officer Burns. The officer put his hands up to defend himself from the attack while he was semi-conscious. The male then put Officer Burns in a head lock with the carpet knife placed along side of the right side of his face. P.O. Pearl drew her service weapon and ordered the male to drop the knife. Instead of complying the subject cursed at P.O. Pearl and continued to wrestle with P.O. Burns and at some point the male cut P.O.Burns’ neck and throat wide open, neither officer knowing Officer Burns was cut. P.O. Pearl using the utmost caution, as P.O. Burns and the perpetrator were engaged in a life and death struggle. P.O. Pearl pleaded with Officer Burns to break free of the hold the perpetrator had on him. As P.O. Burns broke free of his hold and took two steps towards Officer Pearl, the perpetrator raised his carpet knife in a attempt to strike P.O. Burns again, and P.O. Pearl then fired one round, striking the perpetrator in the right elbow, disarming him and ending the threat. It was then P.O. Pearl realized that P.O. Burns’ neck and throat had been cut.

The perpetrator was then taken into custody and charged with Attempted Murder of a Police Officer. The man, identified as Radcliff Meeks, was in stable condition at Mary Immaculate Hospital. Meeks had been arrested twice before for assaulting police officers.

Police Officer Burns suffered a gash along his neck and throat approximately six inches long. The wound would take hundreds of stitches to close and missed the carotid artery by a fraction of a inch. P.O. Burns still does not have full mobility of his neck.

P.O. Pearl had to act swiftly and decisively and still excerised firearm restraint and caution to save her partners life. P.O. Pearl did not panic or overact but instead fired a single round striking the perpetrator, disarming him and unquestionably saving P.O. Burns’ from further harm or even death.

In view of the above circumstances and because of their heroic actions the Long Island Shields are happy and proud to present Police Officer of the Month Award for December to Police Officer’s Shannon Pearl and Robert Burns.