Police Officer of the Month, June 2005

The Shields of Long Island are proud to honor Sergeant Jack Sadousky of the New York State Park Police as our Police Officer of the Month for June 2005.

The event that we’re honoring is a bittersweet reminder of a tragedy that took place minutes before Jack Sadousky had to take his heroic action.

First, the tragedy they precipitated Sgt. Sadousky’s actions. Retired NYPD Lieutenant Richard Brooks was working as a Town of Babylon Bay Constable on July 16, 2004. At approximately 3PM he observed suspect operating his vehicle in an erratic manner on the Robert Moses Causeway. Constable Brooks attempted to stop the suspected drunk driver. He put out a notification that he was in pursuit of a vehicle, and the vehicle continued to flee toward the beachfront community of Ocean Beach. After a short pursuit, the suspect pulled into the driveway of his home and fled inside. Constable Brooks called for backup and exited his patrol car. As he exited, the suspect opened fire with a 12 gauge shot gun from the second floor, striking Constable Brooks in the chest.

The suspect then came back outside and got into his vehicle. He ran over Constable Brooks in his attempt to flee and dragged Brooks’ unresponsive body approximately forty feet. The New York State Park Police were notified that a Town of Babylon Bay Constable was pursuing a suspected drunk driver and that he was requesting assistance.

Another notification was broadcast that the suspect and Bay Constable were in the beachfront community of Oak Beach. The Park Police units including Sergeant Sadousky searched the roads of Ocean Beach for the DWI suspect. The suspect’s vehicle was spotted and his path of escape was blocked Sadousky who placed his vehicle across the highway. The suspect attempted to evade Sgt. Sadousky and he drove his vehicle into an area of high reeds. The suspect’s vehicle became entangled in the high grass and Sergeant Sadousky approached the vehicle and observed the suspect who remained in his auto and point a shotgun at the sergeant.

Police Officers Robert Goepfert and Michael Ottley arrived at the scene and positioned their vehicle near the Sgt’s car. Sergeant Sadousky fired one round at the suspect and he was disabled by that shot. The suspect was subdued by the Sergeant and the two officers present. The suspect was treated for his wounds and transported to University Hospital where he expired a short time later.

After this incident was over it was learned that the suspect apprehended by Sergeant Sadousky had murdered Bay Constable Richard Brooks.

For his unselfish and brave actions in first coming to the aid of a fellow police officer and then when confronted by an extremely dangerous and violent suspect who was threatening his life as well as the lives of other arriving police officers, Sergeant Jack Sadousky took the proper and heroic action ending the threat.

The Shields of Long Island are proud to name Sergeant Jack Sadousky of the New York State Police ad our Police Officer of the Month.