President’s Message, May 2005

“Thanks” to all who helped with our bullet proof vest drive and pre-paid phone drive to be used by our troops overseas. “Special Thanks to Chief Owen Kirby, Sands Point P.D. for his support. We are still asking for more vests and phones cards, to be brought to our meeting. Keep up the good work.

My “Thanks” to Shields Attorney for accepting on short notice, and his informative talk at our last meeting. The snowfall didn’t stop Pete and many members from attending.

Congratulations to the 2004 Scholarship winners, unfortunately due to the lack of space there will be no pictures in the Call Box this month.

We have two events coming up that are near and dear to us. The Gravesite Flag – Placement at L.I. National Cemetery will take place on Saturday, May 28, (page4) and the volunteer security detail (page7) at The Games for the Physically Challenged, Thursday, June 2 – Saturday, June 4. We need your help, and you can’t do much better than this.

Tom Kinirons, L.I. Coordinator, 516-764-4240, is once again conducting his annual Project Children, cultural program this summer, and needs host volunteers.

Speaking of children, it is with great pride that I announce our guest speaker for the April 28th meeting to be Laura A. Ahearn, C.S.W. Executive Director of Parent’s for Megan’s Law Resource and Support Center in Stony Brook. Laura, a certified social worker is a passionate voice protecting sexually victimized children, and a expert on childhood sexual abuse prevention, and Megan’s Law. Laura has written local, state and federal legislation aimed at strengthening laws to protect children. She works with law enforcement, judiciary, state and federal prosecutors to enhance their response to, and understanding of child victims of sexual abuse. You don’t want to miss this meeting.

Don’t forget to continue to wear your vest, we need you. Remember the troops defending our country, Be Safe!


Police Officers of the Month, April/May 2005

On October 16, 2004 Sgt Joseph Sortino informed the first platoon of a bank robbery pattern and passed around a bank surveillance photo of the subject that was wanted by the Nassau Co. Robbery Unit. While on patrol later that morning Sgt. Sortino observed a person that resembled the person in the surveillance photo walking on Terrace Ave. in Hempstead. This person appeared to be wearing the same clothing as depicted in the photo. As Sgt. Sortino attempted to stop and question the subject he fled into a building. He then notified P.O. DeGourville of the situation and began surveillance of the building. After a couple of hours of surviellance the subject exited the building. As the subject walked away from the building and to the corner Sgt Sortino coordinated a tactful stop that did not allow the subject a escape route. When the subject was about 20 ft. away from the corner Sgt. Sortino exited his vehicle at which time the subject turned the other direction. He was met by P.O. DeGourville, who then approached the subject coming from the other direction grabbed him and immediately handcuffed the subject, without incident. The subject was then compared to the photo at which time it was believed he was the same person in the surveillance photo. The subject was placed under arrest and transported to the Nassau County Robbery Squad.

After questioning by the Robbery Squad, the subject admitted to being involved in two of the four bank robberies that were in this particular bank robbery pattern. As a result of this arrest the subject was charged with one count of robbery from a bank on 10/05/04 and one count of robbery from a bank on 10/13/04.

Because of their investigative skills, quick thinking and surveillance tactics that allowed them to develop information at a rapid pace and act on it resulting in the subjects arrest and closing of two bank robbery cases , the Long Island Shields are honored and proud to present the Police Officer of the Month Award to Sergeant Joseph Sorption and PO Dionne DeGourville.