President’s Message, February 2005

Welcome back, I hope that 2004 was good to you and your family, and that 2005 will be even better.

We closed 2004 with our Children’s Holiday Party, and it was a huge success for all who attended, thanks to the efforts of Sean, Neil and all the others who volunteered to make it a special day.

On January 4th, Luke Johnson and I with several other Shields organizations attended the New York Shields awards meeting. Thanks to their Executive Director Dan Martinez, for the invitation.

Speaking of organizations: Joe McGarry, President of FOP Lodge, 317 NYC Transit Memorial Lodge informs me that on Thursday, April 7th, they are running a 10th anniversary “Hostile Takeover” Dinner/Dance. Joe will have details and flyers at our next meeting. Tim Moto, VIP FOP Lodge 69, Nassau County Lodge informs us that his Installation Dinner/Dance will be Thursday, March 10th. Good luck to both organizations.

A special Thank You to NYS FOP Executive VIP Charlie Caputo for the information re: HR 218 at the last meeting. Charlie has promised to inform us in any status changes.

We are starting 2 new important programs and we need your help. In conjunction with Tom Nearney, Det. NYPD Ret. we are asking you for any serviceable or unserviceable vests you may have. We will forward them to our troops overseas for use as floor mats, and/or seat cushions lining “Humvees” until these vehicles are reinforced to acceptable standards. Tom will be at the next meeting to accept these vests. A sincere Thank You to Commissioner Ernest Cipullo of the Garden City Police Department for the 25 vests he has given to us.

We are also asking for phone cards for use by our troops’ overseas. They also will be forwarded to our troops for their use.

We will have petitions for your signature at the meeting, request­ing the denial of parole to Bruce Lorick, convicted of killing PO Joe Keegan, NYC Transit Police on June 19, 1980. Joe was slain a month prior to vesting his pension, at 41 years of age.

Hope we see you on the 24th, to meet our scholarship winners. Stay safe and watch out for each other.


Police Officers of the Month, February 2005

On the evening of February 19, 2004, Lt. Dennis McCavera of the Old Westbury Police Department was returning from visiting his son in the Washington D.C. area. He stopped at the Chesapeake House Welcome Center, which is located in Maryland on Interstate 95 ­ 12 miles south of the Delaware state line, for gas and a container of coffee.

While exiting the Sunoco gas station, Lt. McCavera noticed an elderly couple in the rear of the store. The woman appeared to be in distress. Her husband was holding her up in an attempt to prevent her from falling. Lt. McCavera responded to render assistance and realized that the woman was unconscious and not breathing. Lt. McCavera instructed the store clerk to call 911 for medical assistance.

The Lt. immediately placed the woman on the ground and quickly assessed her condition. The woman was in respiratory distress, but still had a very faint pulse. Lt. McCavera began mouth to mouth resuscitation. While administering mouth to mouth, the Maryland State Police arrived.

Unfortunately, they do not carry oxygen or any resuscitation equipment. Lt. McCavera continued mouth to mouth and after some time, the woman began breathing on her own. EMS arrived, administered oxygen and transported the woman to the hospital.

According to the Maryland State Police, the woman suffered a severe asthma attack. Maryland State Police confirmed that without the quick action of Lt. McCavera this woman would have surely died.

Because of his quick thinking and his heroic action under stressful conditions the L.I. Shields are proud to present to Lt. Dennis McCavera, Old Westbury Po­lice Dept., the Police Officer of the Month Award for the month of December.