President’s Message, November 2004

Dennis LynchIf you didn’t attend the September meeting it was your loss. Alameda County Sheriff Dennis Lynch (left) took the mike and thanked The Shields for not forgetting his cousin Ptl. Phil Cardillo, and keep­ing his memory alive all these years. Through the efforts of Mike Villa, we were able to present Dennis with an original 1972 copy of Spring 3100, which chronicled Phil’s funeral. We also presented him with a 1974 Nassau Shields Call Box, highlighting the meeting at which we honored Phil’s wife, family and many involved in this tragic case. As was the case in June 1974 when we created the Ptl. Phil Cardillo Scholarship, we will continue to present it until someone is finally convicted of his assassination. It was great to see many of the over 150 in attendance personally greet Dennis, and share their memories of Phil with him.

Mike SheehanGuest speaker Mike Sheehan, who had only 4 years on the job at the time was involved in booking one of the original suspects walked us through many aspects of the case, and shared some not released details with us. Thanks Mike.

Sorry to say that when I mentioned the name Phil Cardillo to a member of the force with 5 years on the job, he didn’t know who I was talking about, sad but true.

Christopher QuinnWe were also honored to have Nassau County District Court Judge Christopher Quinn (right) address the audience and give some worthwhile tips on police officers court room procedures. Thank you Judge Quinn. Obviously he’s a good friend of the police, so try to remember him on November 2nd.

I am pleased to report that our golf outing was a huge success, the weather was fantastic and the hospitality was great. Thanks to all who attended and supported this event. I hope we see you next year.

Take notice of the holiday party and scholarship applications lo­cated on pages 7 and 11 of this Call Box, get them in as soon as you can.

It has been brought to our attention that until further notice the NYPD will not be issuing new retiree 1.0. cards, until the card is changed to comply with Federal Law H.R. 218. You can call the shield desk at 646-610-5150 to check for further information.

Joe Wolff has made arrangements to have NYPD Det. Marcos Quinones, CounterTerrorism Division as our November 4th speaker. Marcos is a department expert on cults/religious fanatics etc.

Try to bring a toy to the next meeting so we can begin our annual collection for children. Don’t forget to vote- Nov. 2nd. See you on the 4th.


Police Officers of the Month, November 2004

On November 28, 2003 at approximately 1:50 P.M. P.O.’s Robert Mallins and Oscar Rivera apprehended a male who had just committed a robbery resulting in a homicide on the Northbound “A” train at Edgemere Avenue in Queens.

Officers Mallins and Rivera were in plainclothes and were waiting to board the Northbound “A” train at the Edgemere Ave/36th St. station to return to District 23 headquarters. The officers were assigned to the High Enforcement Activity Team. As the northbound train entered the station the officers noticed a commotion towards the rear of the train, that was spilling out onto the platform. The officers started walking in the direction of the commotion when they heard multiple gunshots. The officers drew their weapons and continued towards the commotion. Two males came towards the officers and one was displaying a .38 caliber Smith & Wesson revolver. Officer Mallins attempted to apprehend this individual and a physical struggle ensued. During the struggle Officer Mallins suffered a serious laceration on his left temple. At one point the perpetrator’s firearm fell to the ground. The perpetrator then broke fee from Officer Mallins and fled on foot. Officer Rivera attempted to grab the perpetrator, but he was able to pull himself out of his jacket and continue to flee on foot. Officer Rivera pursued on foot but lost him after he jumped over a fence. This perpetrator was apprehended at a later date.

The second perpetrator was apprehended on the train platform after a brief struggle with Officer Mallins and off duty School Safety Officer Louis Williams. S.S.O. Williams was a passenger on the train and heard the gunshots. He saw two individuals run by on the platform and then he saw Officer Mallins with a injury to his head. He went to assist Officers Mallins. He took out his handcuffs, which he carried off duty, and took the perpetrator down to the ground and handcuffed him.

P.O. Mallins was brought to Peninsula General Hospital where he was treated for a serious laceration to his head. He received numerous stitches and was admitted.

It is our belief that these officers distinguished themselves in a manner beyond normal expectations in this case. These officers distinguished themselves by the performance of an act of courage by confronting and subsequently apprehending armed violent felons. Because of their actions it is the honor and privilege of the L.I. Shields to present to P.O. Mallins, P.O. Rivera and School Safety Officer Williams the Police Officers of the Month for November 2004.