President’s Message, June 2004

I must start this message by thanking those who participated in our two events that we had the privilege to partake in. On May 29th over 40 members and their children placed over 1000 flags on the graves of the veterans who have proudly served our great nation. Our job was done by 0630 hours, after which many stayed around enjoying the refreshments provided by the Shields, and the results of our efforts.

It’s no coincidence that many of the same individuals joined us at Mitchel Field, Thurs. June 03 – Sat. June 05 to help by providing security and assistance to the participants and their families during the Empire State Game for the Physically Challenged.

We had a few new workers this year and I know they will be back. To the crew who worked Saturday, your efforts were not made any easier because of the anticipated inclement weather.

On May 1 st, I had the pleasure of representing the Shields at the New York State FOP Police Memorial Service in Hicksville. It’s quite a humbling experience and you should try to attend next year.

Thanks to Phil Seelig, (past president of the Correction Officers Benevolent Association), currently partner in the law firm of Seelig and Ungaro, for his informative presentation at our last meeting. Mr. Seelig is a vigorous nd experienced advocate, representing civil servants in over 1000 matters.

Our June speaker will be Philip Teel, Sector Vice President – Airborne Early Warning and Electronic Warfare Systems at Northrop Grumman. He will enlighten us to some of the defensive systems in place and on the drawing board at this time.

Don’t forget our boat ride on Friday, August 13th, Rich Rottkamp and his crew promise a good time for all who attend. The music is great, the food and refreshments are plentiful.

If we don’t see you at the June 24th meeting, have a safe and healthy summer, and don’t forget to wear your vest. Don’t gamble with your life!


Police Officers of the Month, June 2004

On Nov. 17th, P.O. Margaret Zafferese of the NYC Police Deptartment had completed a mid­night tour and arrived at her Massapequa home. Upon entering the house she was jumped by two masked men who had just burglarized her neighbors apartment. One of the perps aimed a 9mm handgun at her. Officer Zafferese was able to draw her own weapon and fire two shots, one of which hit a subject in the stomach. She was then pistol whipped and knocked to the ground. The subjects then fled. Officer Zafferese then heard her cell phone ringing, she was able to find it and answer it. It was a friend, an on duty Nassau County Police Officer. After learning what had happened she immediately broadcast an “Officer Needs Assistance” on the Nassau radio.

Officer Zafferese then ran to a neighbors house while bleeding heavily from her head. The neighbor called 911. Within seconds of hearing the radio call Sgt. Howard Sullivan and. P.O. David Veverka of the house from separate directions. Prior to arriving they observed a black Honda Civic occupied by 3 males leaving the immediate area. They decided to stop the car and investigate. As they removed the subjects from the car, one stated that he had been shot. A search of the car found two handguns, one subsequently determined to be Officer Zafferese’s off duty gun. A further search revealed ski masks. It was determined that these subjects were involved in the burglary armed with a handgun, and when confronted by PO Zafferese, did attack her. She was out numbered, assaulted but was able to defend herself by shooting one subject.

These officers, PO Zafferese, the victim and Sgt. Sullivan and P.O. Veverka distinguished themselves in the highest traditions of law enforcement. It is with great pleasure that we present PO Margaret Zafferese, Sgt. Howard Sullivan and PO David Veverka the Police Officers of the Month for The Long Island Shields. Congratulations!