2003 Scholarship Winners

Congratulations to the following 2003 Shields Scholarship Winners. These awards were presented at the February 26, 2004 meeting.

Ptl. Phil Cardillo Memorial Scholarship – Laureen Bartkowski

Brian Aarons Memorial Scholarship – Michael Oliva

Walter Schilt Memorial Scholarship – Nicole Pitcavage

P.O. George Scheu Memorial Scholarship – William Rottkamp

Hugh T. Kelleher Memorial Scholarship – Paul Savas

Arthur Van Pelt Memorial Scholarship – Cherilyn Sileo

Long Island Shields Scholarship – Victoria Wonjo

Police Officers of the Month, September 2003

At approximately 2245 hrs. P.O. Frane Reado responded to a disturbance call in Hempstead NY. Upon his arrival he was informed by a woman that her ex boyfriend and father of her child had just left after terrorizing everyone in the house.

She informed P.O. Reado that she had just moved from Uniondale to Hempstead to get away from him. She further stated that he had just smashed her front door open with a pipe, then smashed an interior door with the pipe trying to get to her. He was unsuccessful because she locked herself, along with her child in another room. She stated that everyone in the house was traumatized because of him. While at the residence P.O. Reado conversed with the ex boyfriend on the telephone, upon learning that P.O. Reado was “the man” he told him he’ll be back to take care of him. After calming the woman and her family P.O. Reado left the house.

As P.O. Reado was outside the residence getting ready to leave, the ex boyfriend pulled up in his vehicle and approached P.O. Reado. At this time P.O. Reado observed the subject pull out a handgunfrom behind his back. P.O. Reado immediately drew his service weapon, aimed it at him and ordered him to drop the gun. The subject continued towards P.O. Reado while raising his gun at the officer. P.O. Reado fearing for his life and others fired at the subject hitting him twice in the chest. The subject was pronounced dead at the scene. P.O. Reado’s actions were not only heroic, but proper and professional.

Because of his actions the Long Island Shields is proud to award Police Officer of the Month for September 2003 to Police Officer Frane Reado, Hempstead Police Department.