Police Officers of the Month, December 2002

Sgt. Charles Daskalakis – 45 Pct.
P.O. Anthony LeDonne – 45 Pct.
P.O. John Ferrer – 45 Pct.
P.O. Fazioll Shafi – 45 Pct.

The four officers working a 12 x 8 shift on 12/29/02 ran into a burning building around the corner from the station house (45 Pct.) at approximately 4:00 A.M. braving smoke and flames to save three people, including a 87 yr. old man.

The officers formed a human chain as they felt their way to a second floor room in the burning building, where they found the victims huddled and led them to safety.

The flames erupted shortly after 4:00 A.M. inside a ground floor beauty parlor at 3675 E. Tremont Ave. spreading to the adjacent building, where three people lived upstairs. As the fire raged a man ran into the 45th Pct. Station House to report the blaze. The four cops never hesitated as they dashed out of the station house.

Sgt. Daskalakis arrived first and got inside by smashing the lobby door window. As soon as the door was opened they were hit by a thick wall of smoke. With smoke filling the hallways and flames growing closer the officers decided to walk up the staircase as a group. Sgt. Daskalakis was leading three officers, P.O.’s Ferrer, LeDonne and Shafi. As they made their way upstairs, they heard the faint cries of an 87 yr. old man, his daughter and her friend. P.O. Ledonne picked up the elderly man and carried him down the stairs. The other two victims were guided out by the officers who positioned themselves along the staircase and passed the two women from hand to hand. The two women declined medical assistance but the man was taken to Jacobi Hospital where he was listed in stable condition.

Because of their heroic actions, it is the privilege of the Long Island Shield to present Sgt. Jaskalakis, P.O. Ferrer, P.O. LeDonne and P.O. Shafi with the December, Police Officer of the Month Award.